Summary: What a day it will be! The day that Jesus comes. The Word of God presents three intresting things concerning this event. Let’s examine them together.

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"That Day..."

Dr. E. Winson Butler

Matthew 24:36-42 kjv

(pg 858 NT white pew Bible)


I. illus. When Jeb Bush (now Governor of Florida) came to Jacksonville, FL during his campaign, he made a stop at the Jacksonville Landing. Unfortunately I was downtown during that time and traffic was horrible to say the least.

I took advantage of the down time and got a hot dog at one of the local vendures and in our discussion I notice a man standing by a door to one of the Businesses and I asked him was he involved in Mr. Bush’s coming to Jacksonville and he replied, "Yes..."

A. He then had my attention because he looked as if he was one of the Secret Servicemen. I then asked him was Mr. Bush coming through the door which he was guarding and his answer was classic, "Most likely not, but if he does I’ll be ready."

I’ve thought many times since how that so relates to the coming of the Lord. He may not walk through Heaven’s door right now, but, if He does, we should be ready!

1. More than once Jesus Himself reminded us all to be ready for none of us know when He might come. This event is not only long overdue but one of the most highly anticipated events in all Christianity.

When Jesus comes the Bible says three events will happen in the life of every Christian.

Main Division

I. There Will A Time Of Transformation (I Cor 15:51-57)

II. There Will Be A Time Of Examination (II Cor 5:10)

III. There Will Be A Time Of Celebration (Rev 21:1-6)

Conclusion: Will you be ready?

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