Summary: Part 12 in a Sermon Series on the 119th Psalm

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That Settles It!

Part 12

Sermon Series: A Word about the Word

Date: June 1, 2003 P.M Service

Place: Allendale Baptist

Text: Psalm 119: 89-96


Growing up I often heard this saying, “as sure as shooting”, or “you can count on that”. How about “as sure as day turns into night.”

What is the one certainty in life? What is the one thing you can depend on? Is it a person a place?

When you are asked that question, how long does it take you to answer?

In a day when our world so desperately needs something it can know for sure, the psalmist says “I have that certainty and it is found in God and through God’s Word.”

 This passage of Scripture tells us that the Word of God is “settled forever.”

 The Word of God leads us to salvation and that is why our salvation is eternal.

 God through His Word produces it.

 The Word of God also produces permanence in our lives.

In verses 89-91 we see…

I. The Persistence of God’s Word

God’s Word is persistent and permanent. And in the first verse of this section the psalmist makes…

A. A Simple Declaration

1. I may not fully understand nor can I explain all God is, and all His Word declares but I take the stand with many others to proclaim that the Bible, the Holy Word of God, is forever settled in heaven.

2. It is infallible, inerrant and forever Word of God.

3. Now that is something I can build my life on.

4. The Word of God will not change with interest rates, unemployment, the economy, or the international situation.

5. It is settled.

Next the psalmist gives …

B. A Strong Demonstration v.90-91

1. Here the psalmist turns back the pages of the Bible and points out the truth that God created the world.

2. This world we live in demonstrates the permanence and persistence of the world of God. It is expressed throughout the world. For example, on the 1st day, according to the Word of God, God created light, and He set in motion the law of light. The law of light says that light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles per second. Its purpose is to dispel darkness, and its speed is constant. That law has never changed. We know that law has never changed because not too many years ago a scientist advanced the human race into the atomic age with one simple equation: E=mc2. This means energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light, squared.

The very “theory of relativity” that thrust us into the atomic age is based on the consistency of a law God established in the very beginning of time.

3. So in this verse the psalmist is saying everything is behaving actually the way God planned.

4. The world is a testimony of the persistence of God.

Next we see…

II. The Preservation of God’s Word v. 92

A. He is saying here, “if it had not been for the settled word of God, I would have lost my sanity.

B. In the midst of the storm, God’s Word has been my anchor and my anchor holds.

Next we see …

III. The Potency of God’s Word vv. 93-95

In these 3 verses we see 3 things the Word of God has the power to do.

A. Revive v.93

1. The Word of God has the power to breathe new life, a fresh anointing in your life.

B. Restore v.94

1. This verse implies that something at one time or another has caused the psalmist to stumble or make a mistake, but he wants to please the Lord; he desires to be restored.

2. The trouble with some is they want God to do something in their lives so they can go on with their selfishness.

C. Restrain v.95

1. The Word of God restrains the wicked.

2. We see here in this verse two statements.

a. The wicked never give up.

b. The patience of the saints.

IV. The Perfection of God’s Word vv. 96

One translation says this; “I have seen a limit to all things, but exceeding broad are your commandments.”

A. The Broadest View of Reality of God’s Word v.96

 Human philosophies and social thinking are finite, limited and inadequate.

 Many people see the Bible as narrow. But the reality is they give us a broad and true view of the reality of God.

But the psalmist goes on to say we can see…

B. The Beautiful Vista of Resting in God’s Word v.96

Only the Bible gives us words of hope and comfort when we stand at the grave of a loved one. It gives hope to a lost person who faces uncertainty of eternity.

The Bible gives the total view of life, death, time and eternity.

It speaks of everlasting life in a dimension beyond imagination and of a duration that never ends.


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