Summary: This sermon is to encourage listeners not to let life's "detours, delays discouragements" distract them from God's sovereign work in their lives.

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- Have you ever wondered

- Why bad things happen to good people

- When I am asked that question

- I must respond with:

„X God is sovereign

„X His ways are higher than ours

„X When you can't trace / trust

- If we're not careful we will let life's...




- Hold us in our THENS

...and we will miss our NOW

Verse 1 THEN Moses

- They've been on a journey

- They're about to reach their destiny (40 years)

- They're on the brink of a breakthrough

- Right across from Jericho / Canaan

Verse 4 THEN the Lord said

- You will not go in (detour)

- Have you ever had a detour

- You would have been farther along...

o ...but a detour

Verse 5 THEN Moses died (AND in NIV & KJV, original THEN)

- This was an end to a season

- We must understand seasons

- Many people try to do...

...the wrong thing in

...the wrong season

* 40 years of a promise... exit

* Moses was bad -- he liberated a people from a tyrant

* They are heading somewhere

* They are working toward something

* But THEN Moses died!

THEN = A concluding word

= A summary word

* This is not how the story is supposed to end.

Verse 4 A promise on the brink

Verse 5 THEN Moses died

I have a promise -- that needs fulfilling

I have a destiny -- to reach

* Have you ever had a THEN (conclusion)

* When you were supposed to have a NOW?

...THEN I filed bankruptcy

...THEN he left

...THEN the baby died

...THEN the divorce was final

...THEN Moses died

* And I don't know what to do

o Preacher, I'm stuck in my THEN

„X Hurt

„X Pain

„X Anger

„X Resentment

* To the people

o Moses' death was a major death

o They don't know they're in the 34th chapter of Deuteronomy (the last chapter)

o What do you do when you have an end...

o ...when you thought you were at a beginning

o What do you do when

„X You hit a detour

„X THENS try to stop you

- This is how far you can come and no further

* I've had those moments as a Pastor

Moses died - dilemma

Jordan flooded - detour

Jericho fortified - defining moment

* I've come to tell you

o That God never has a THEN

o Without providing a NOW!

Joshua 1:1 NOW after

Joshua 1:9 NOW Joshua

Then = ending word -- conclusion - summary

Now = a new beginning -- new season

* Aren't you glad that when one chapter closes

* God can open another

* You can't even die without a new biginning

* There is a Canaan

o Abundance

o Flow

* Nobody ever invents anything that doesn't have a purpose

* God our creator didn't create us without a purpose

* You might be at a:

„X Detour

„X Discouraged

„X Doubtful

„X Derailed

„X Defeated

* But I've come to tell you to turn the page

* And look for your NOW!

* If the road is closed...

* ...God has an alternate route

* Booker T. Washington

o Was detoured because he was born in slavery

* Thomas Edison

o Was detoured because he was born deaf

* Abraham Lincoln

o Was detoured because he had illiterate parents

* Julius Caesar

o Was detoured because he had epilepsy

* There is nothing worse than to be on your way to your destiny

o And hit a detour

o Get behind

EXAMPLE: my car getting jumped when I was 18

* I want those who are stuck in a THEN

* Facing detours to remember

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