Summary: A dozen men “WHO MIGHT BE WITH HIM”. I’m sure Jesus knew these men and their past… Jesus knew all of the mistakes they had each made with their lives. Nevertheless Jesus wanted them to follow Him...regardless of their shortcomings.

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A lot can be learned about someone by talking to the friends who are closest to them. There are people that I am close to that know me very well, and there are others who know me only by name, but they don’t really know me. The people who know me best know my shortcomings.

The 12 disciples traveled with Jesus for over 3 years … the disciples knew Him. We do know that there were 4 of them who wrote an autobiography about that man, Jesus of Nazareth. Look in your Bible and you will find the Book(s) of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Those books were written by men who knew Jesus very well. They documented a lot about Jesus….

... but not once was there anything ever said that was negative about Jesus.

I am not so sure that I would want 4 of my best friends to write a book about me. What about you?

Let’s look at some of what the disciple, Mark, wrote about Jesus….

Text: Mark 1:16 - 20; 3:13 - 19

In chapter 3 we can find some information on a few of the disciples. Of the 12 disciples, Jesus identified specifically Simon and Andrew as fishermen, and James and John as fishermen that were known as the “Sons of Thunder”. Just common people trying to make a living catching fish.

All these were known for was hard work, and not for anything else... And there was Judas Iscariot What an unreliable low life he must have been. He was not known for anything else except maybe a thief and a scoundrel… Judas was known as “the one who betrayed (Jesus)”.

More importantly - these guys are appointed by Jesus. God really is amazing with what He plays for nobodies lie you and me

Look again at verse 14. Jesus chose 12 disciples “WHO MIGHT BE WITH HIM.”

A dozen men “WHO MIGHT BE WITH HIM”. I’m sure Jesus knew these men and their past… Jesus knew all of the mistakes they had each made with their lives. Nevertheless Jesus wanted them to follow Him...regardless of their shortcomings.

So then - Let’s just say that Jesus would come to you and He would call you out by your name (just as He had done with the other 12 men) What if Jesus would come to you and call you out from your former life? If Jesus listed your name along with the other 12 Disciples, what do you suppose Jesus would have to say?

What if Jesus were to suddenly show up at your workplace, and call you out just as He had done to the other 12 disciples? Jesus’ reason for calling you out by name would be no different than the 12 disciples… just so you “MIGHT BE WITH HIM?”


Recently our new President chose certain men and women to become very close to him and assist him in leading this country and “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”. We all have seen this on TV or the internet. It is interesting that very few people knew the cabinet members before the election, but the world certainly knows them now…

Likewise, before Jesus came to you and called you out, we all were nobody's. Jesus had a good reason for choosing you. Jesus was hoping that you “MIGHT BE WITH HIM”.

Anyone who decides to follow Jesus (i.e., a disciple) would have to be willing to forsake all. Nothing else would matter in their lives, but to “BE WITH HIM”.

What would you think if Jesus were to add your name to the list of disciples in Mark chapter 1 and 3. Even Judah's Iscariot’s name is documented there in the scriptures. We know that Judas was the one who betrayed Jesus … Nevertheless Jesus called Judas to follow Him … walk in His footsteps … and to be WITH HIM (Jesus) ...

The way I see it is Jesus loves people like you and me regardless of the flaws in our personal life.

I am intrigued with what all of this must have been like. 12 men walking closely behind Jesus everywhere He would go. They listened to the words of Jesus as He spoke. They watched Jesus heal the sick and deliver the oppressed.

Jesus was seldom alone as he ministered to the crowds. Jesus did not want the disciples to miss anything. Jesus wanted each of the disciples to see and experience everything Jesus was doing!.

If I were with the twelve, I might have been the energetic one at the front of the line with Jesus, shouting, “Come on Guys..Let’s Go.. you got to keep up with Jesus!”

Jesus would always be the One encouraging the disciples to do everything with Him. Such as what we see in verses 14 and 15.

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