Summary: Seeking comfort at times may come through singing songs you like. It is a part of the African American history to sing when frustrated, depressed, or even seeking decisions for life's quest

This idea was prompted by a song of the world, as we would call it, "Only the strong Survive" by the late Jerry Butler. He talks about a love affair that went wrong and concludes that only the strong survive bad relationships. Of course, I agree and so, that's a song to sing.

This Psalm by David has on the hearts of many, believer's and unbeliever's. It has no registered complaints; negative tweets; sour reviews; only good things to hear about.

It's language is embracive

The Lord is: meaning "be"; nothing optional; present all the time

The shepherd, referring to only one; is my- shepherd

Its language suits my needs; listen:

I am in need of guidance

A guardian protects, provides with passion

so much so, that I shall not want

I find consolation in this song

(yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death)

In this life we will come face to face with the inevitable

Physically we will meet despair

Social status will limp, etc.

Our swag will someday sagg

eventually we will fall because we are frail

The comfort is: though I walk (it is a walk and through- I will come out on the other side no matter what I walk through)

This keeps me saying, "That's a song to Sing"

This song confirms I will end up Good

(surely goodness and mercy will follow me and I will dwell in the house of the Lord, forever)

Wow! did you hear that; that's why this is my kind of song

It may be rough being a teen but if you stay with it you will grow to adulthood

It can be tough being single but still, stay there and see the end

Things might be difficult in life now, but it's not the end yet

When I was little I loved comics, especially the super hero's. Spiderman was my favorite and would always wonder how he was going to come out of his predicaments. So, I would go to the back of the book to read the end and then finish the book. It can't be cheating because I was the reader, ha, ha.

This song ends strong: surely, which is definite

Listen to him shout: Surely, perhaps to the top of his voice; goodness and mercy will follow me- all the days of my life. He says it as though he will be living there for a long time- all the days

Surely, this song is for me

My shepherd goes all the way for me

All the way to Calvary

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