Summary: the incredible things of God

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Intro: in most of our lifetimes we are witnesses to a few things that we would consider incredible. For me, one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed took place at an open air meeting at the football stadium. A local pastor was moving a speaker that was setting on the top of a high scaffold. He tripped on some cords and fell off the scaffolding backwards, but flipped his body backwards and landed on his feet. There was a show called that’s incredible, and if I could have got that on film, it would have surely won first place. Today, I would like to title my message, That’s Incredible


LUKE 4:31-36

Background: What a word is this! If you have a KJV, it has an exclamation mark after these words. After people heard Jesus teach, after they heard Jesus pray, After they saw Jesus heal, after they saw Jesus cast out demons, they said, now that’s incredible. Today, we have the same incredible Jesus, with the same incredible word, and should operate in the same incredible power, and our world should be amazed, astonished, and this word should be contagious as it is spread throughout the land.

I. Astonished—v.32 The first thing that was incredible to people was his doctrine. The doctrines of Jesus Christ were different than the words of the scribes and Pharisees.

a. they weren’t just religious jargon—people hate to hear religious truisms. The religious people had a saying for every situation, but to the sinner, to the heathen of this world, they don’t want a religious word, they want a powerful doctrine.

b. His doctrines are powerful—today people want a doctrine of deliverance, they want a doctrine that is greater than their mountains, greater than their struggles, what a word is this!

c. Doctrines aren’t just letters on paper, but are quick and powerful, sharper than a two edged sword.

Ill) yesterday at the Todd and Summer’s Wedding,( L.B and Jeannie’s granddaughter) during the Pastoral prayer, I asked everyone at the wedding to stretch their hands to help pray blessings on the Bride and Groom. At the end of the prayer, as I looked at everyone in attendance, I could tell that some people were astonished. That someone could pray a blessing on another person was beyond some of their concepts.

II. Amazing—v.36—there is a song that says, there’s no other word for grace than amazing, but we can add, there’s no other word for Jesus than amazing. When Jesus shows up anywhere people leave amazed.

1. amazed that the devil declares that he will be destroyed in the end—if you read scriptures where demons are involved, they always declare that Jesus is Holy, Jesus is Mighty, and they know the end of the book.

2. amazed at his authority—the other day in Prattville, the governor addressed our group that was attending a Republican fund raiser. When he came to the microphone he spoke with authority. He didn’t say, now you need to listen to me because I am the governor, he just spoke and people listened. With Jesus, it’s a 100 times greater, because the governor has authority in Alabama, but Jesus has authority from above.

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