Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: In the 8th and final part of this series we look at what these stones represent for us as believers.

-- It was customary to set up some type of stone monument at the site of God’s miraculous intervention.

-- The monuments would serve several purposes, but the primary purpose was to remind future generations about God’s ability to save and deliver.

-- The stones would remind future generations that in time of need they could look to God.

-- Joshua tells the people to let the future generations know about how God dried up the Jordan River so that they could pass over on dry ground. Sharing testimony is one of the most powerful things we can do.

-- A testimony:

-Brags on what God has done.

-Reminds us of what God has done and can do.

-Encourages the faith of others to what God is able to do.

-Takes our attention off of our issues and puts it on God.

1. These Stones Show that God Has Been Faithful

a. God is always faithful.

b. God did not bring the children of Israel only so far and then leave them to die and miss out on their inheritance.

c. What God began, He was willing and able to complete (Philippians 1:6).

d. We need not ever assume that God will get us to a certain point and then stop what He is doing.

e. In June 1984, God launched Calvary Assembly of God. In 2009, God has not forgotten who or where we are. He is still the same faithful God now as He was then.

f. Hebrews 13:8 – He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

2. These Stones Put God’s Power on Display

a. Any monument that is set up to display man’s ability will fall.

b. God on display is power.

c. Every time that the children of Israel looked at or spoke about this stone memorial, they were reminded that there is absolutely nothing that God cannot do.

d. Every time that you pull into this parking lot, I want you to remember that this was a field of nothing just over 20 years ago. Now, it holds a debt free church where God’s power is constantly on display.

e. So long as we continue to make this monument about God and His power, we will continue to see His power manifest.

f. Read Psalm 44:1-8

3. These Stones Remind God’s People to Always Fear Him

a. This does not mean to be afraid of Him, but rather to be in awe of Him or to respect Him.

b. “When we receive a true revelation of God’s majesty and his judgment against sin, we will follow him in faith while growing in the fear of the Lord” (FLSB).

c. A healthy fear of the Lord will keep us in a place where we enter into His presence and look to Him in our time of need.

d. When you are afraid of someone, you run from them, but when there is a fear/respect, you get as close to them as you possibly can.

-- This 12 stone memorial was set up following the crossing of the Jordan River and just before the children of Israel took possession of their land of promise.

-- This monument was a long time coming reminder that God had not forgotten the promises He had delivered to the children of Israel concerning their inheritance.

-- God was once again making it clear that He had all things in control.

-- This monument was set up in Gilgal (a rolling), and afterwards, the children of Israel consecrated themselves unto the Lord and the Lord spoke clearly to them that on that day He had rolled away the reproach of Egypt (the world) off of them (Joshua 5:9).

-- From that time forward, the children of Israel began to enjoy the fruit of the land of promise.

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