Summary: In our past-paced world, a miracle is on its way despite frustrations,hopelessness, bad reports,economic plunge,financial difficulty... Jesus addressed the crisis by His 3-Only to Miracles.

Jairus is one of the highest ranking religious leader in Capernaum. If there is anyone who needs to be the first in everything? It was he. He has influence. But is that what matters most in this life? This story will answer what is the most important in every person’s life. Not money. Not influence. Not your reputation in the community, or in the religious circles. Let Jesus teach each and everyone who’s present today to experience what really matters. Who needs a miracle today? Everyone of us! Hold on now to your seats as I discuss to you your way to a miracle of your life.

The opening scenario was a frantic one. Our Lord was thronged by people,Jairus begged Jesus,"My daughter is at death’s door.Come and lay hands on her so she will get well and live"(v.23The Msg.Bible).And Jesus went with him... But Jesus stopped knowing that power of healing had come out of Him! Jesus stopped! Picture now in your mind what is Jairus’reactions to the Master’s pausing in the midst of an emergency situation... Inculcate in your senses too,every person’s reactions whenever we hurry, or should I say worry in the face of problems, frustrations in our life. Relate now.

Jesus had other things to settle first;someone’s just stole healing from His body. It should be addressed for these things should be returned to the glory of God.And Jairus doesn’t care about it. All he knew is that his daughter is in the verge of death.. By this point, all that matters to him is the healing of his child.Does he mind if someone had been healed? Our society of today is a world of I,me,mine and myself.

That is not what God is teaching us in this piece of story. In moments like this? God is at His best. The 3-Only that the writer Mark had observe and heard Jesus exemplified is the same work of miracle yesterday,today and forever.It is for everyone. Therefore brace yourself for your miracles are about to take place.


"While He was still speaking,there came some from the ruler’s house,who said[to Jairus],your daughter has died.Why bother and distress the Teacher any further?Overhearing but ignoring what they said to the ruler of the synagogue..."(Amplified Bible)

Jairus was leading the Lord to his house. The news however, of his child’s death left him without strength and hope anymore! Everything stop. But listen very well... verse24 stated;"And Jesus went with him.." still rings faithful.When Jesus goes with you? He will go with you to the end! He would not let up.For even if we become faithless, He will remain faithful,for He will never be untrue to Himself!(2Tim.2:13 Bible in Basic English).

Before his daughter’s death, Jairus was leading Jesus. But when all his hope was gone? The One being led was now the One leading! The Lord ONLY IGNORING.ONLY OVERHEARING THE BAD NEWS. Jesus took charge. That is how God works all the time for a miracle to happen.

Are you the one leading your life? Let Him take charge of your situation. Let go. Let God.

The first ONLY for a miracle to happen is to let Jesus go ahead of you. He doesn’t mind to be bothered. When He goes with you, it would be all the way to your miracle! He alone can ignore those defeat, frustrations,disease and even death, to bring you to your miracle. Is there frustrations in your finances today? Is there defeat in family relationships? Is there any death or hopelessness inside you today?

LET GO OF YOUR I,ME,MINE and MYSELF and LET GOD IN JESUS’name do the leading for you and teach you to Only Ignore...


Jesus taught Jairus the value of believing. Believing is focusing and for miracles to happen... Our teacher emphasized the link between the two. He is instructing everyone who had believed in Him to continue believing in spite of insurmountable odds against us. Faith should be sustained- to recapture and build in the superiority of Jesus over everything, in His message of the Kingdom of God.

ONLY BELIEVING is also connected with being NOT BEING AFRAID. How do we do this not to be afraid? Jesus showed us how. The New Living Translation of verse37 and 40 is an example of how ONLY BELIEVING AND BEING NOT AFRAID IS:"Then Jesus stopped the crowd and wouldn’t let anyone go with Him except Peter and James and John. The crowd laughed at Him, but He told them all to go outside. Then He took the girl’s father and mother...into the room where the girl was lying."

Bring people that believe in the cause of Jesus. The three disciples were the ones that saw the Transfiguration of Jesus. They knew the Lord as God. They had always been with Him. These are the people that are part of ONLY BELIEVING.

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