Summary: There are a few lessons I learnt from the actions of the three wise men following the message they received of the King born in the manger.

In Luke 2:8-20 is the record of the three shepherds who we oftentimes refer to as the three wise men from the east (Mat 2:1-13). According to Bible record, these three men were the first to be informed of the newborn King and the message was brought to them by an angel that was later joined by a multitude of joyous and singing angels. The news was so significant that the angels had to burst into singing and praising God. The angels were so joyful because the news was the beginning of the redemptive work. No wonder the angels also roll out drums at the salvation of every converted soul (Luke 15:10). There are a few lessons I learnt from the actions of these three men following the message they received of the King born in the manger:

1. They made a decision. Immediately the angels departed from their presence, they took a decision to go looking for the newborn King and confirm for themselves the news as brought to them by the angel. There are some lessons we can learn from this. The first being that it does not matter the vessel through which the message is coming from or how ecstatic the message may be, there is a cogent need for the ratification of the message. Just like the Bereans, all messages must be subjected to biblical scrutiny (Act 17:10-12; 1Thess 5:21). Number two lesson from their decision making is the fact that they were quick in making the decision. And finally, their decision was to act on the information they had received. What are you doing with the news about the birth of Jesus?

2. They left their all. They left their sheep and their duty post. They didn't even bother to go and bid their families or masters goodbye. Having set aside every other thing, they set out to seek the new King. Whoever must come after the King must be ready to set aside his self will for the King's (Mk 8:34-37). Following your decision to seek the Saviour, what do you allow to compete with that decision? To be His disciple indeed, you must forsake all (Lk 14:33).

3. They made haste. Following their decision to go and find the newborn King, they did not waste anytime dragging their feet. It was the King's business and they had to make haste in finding Him (1Sam 21:8). Having taken a decision to follow Christ, what is your attitude towards the kingdom business? Most of us Christians drag our feet at the things of God as if we have all the time in the world to ourselves. We must make haste because we do not know the time when the Groom will come for His bride (Mk 13:32-37). We must make haste because the harvest is plentiful and the time is limited (Lk 10:2). Are you watching and praying?

4. They worshipped Him. At the sight of baby Jesus, they bowed in worship of His Majesty. They also honoured Him with their material substance. Having taking a decision to follow after the King, you must continue to reference Him in worship and this worship must involve both your heart and your hand (Pro 3:9). God is spirit and they that must worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). The highest level of worship to God is obedience to His words. God takes it for humility and He is passionate in His relationship with the humble (1Sam 15:22-23; Rev 3:7-11; Dan 4:27; Jam 4:6;).

5. They broadcast the news. After their encounter with the newborn King, they began to spread the news around. Just like what the woman of Samaria in John 4, they sensitised everybody possible about the astonishing message of Jesus. The information from the King must be spread abroad, the reason an encounter with the King is always accompanied by information sharing (evangelism). Are you broadcasting the message of Jesus? God relies on you and I to accomplish the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20).

6. They glorified God. While Mary was yet lost in the misery of the situation surrounding the birth of her first child, the men took their journey back glorifying and praising the Almighty God for what they have heard and seen. Your salvation is a privilege and you must glorify God for such a free gift of eternal life that cost Him the life of His beloved Son (Eph 2:4-9). As a Christian, you must daily glorify God in your life.

These are my lessons from the three wise men. Considering what you have been doing since you heard about Jesus and you took a decision to follow Him, could it be said that you are like these gentle men who were shepherds by profession but evangelist by calling? Are you wise (Pro 11:30)? He that thinks he stands must take heed.

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