Summary: Every man is called to be a mature leader. He must accept the responsibility for being God’s image bearer.

The Aim of Christian Manhood

A real man is a man of God in all ways.

1.) What is a real man? (Attractive, Strong, Rich, Powerful, Star quality?)

2.) God’s man may be these things, but he is much more!

3.) When we compare the man of the world to God’s man he is wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!!!

4.) The idea behind the word “episkopos” = leadership in the church.

5.) All men are not called to Pastor, but all are called to Christian maturity!

6.) We ought to live so that God could use us in any way that He pleases!!!

7.) Let’s try to answer the question, What is a real man?

In 1 Tim. 3:1-7 there are sixteen characteristics of a real man.

I.) He Must Be Blameless. (Unrebukeable - “can not lay hold on”)

II.) He Must Be Faithful to His Wife. (One woman sort of man)

III.) He Must Be Calm, Temperate. (“Vigilant”)

IV.) He Must Be Sound Minded, Serious, Earnest. (“Sober”)

V.) He Must Be Orderly, Seemly. (“Good behavior”)

VI.) He Must Be Hospitable. (Generous to guests)

VII.) He Must Be Able To Teach the Mystery of the Gospel.

VIII.) He Must Be Into Reality. (“Not given to wine”, Drugs, etc)

IX.) He Must Not Be Quarrelsome, Contentious. (“No striker”)

X.) He Must Not Be Greedy. (“of filthy lucre” but a giver)

XI.) He Must Be Gentle. (“Patient”)

XII.) He Must Not Be A Brawler. (Not a fighter, warring attitude)

XIII.) He Must Not Be A Lover of Money. (“Not covetous”)

XIV.) He Must Be Rule His Own House Well.

(“Gravity”= deserves respect)

* SATAN Uses the last two especially!

XV.) He Must Not Be a Beginner. (Don’t stay where you are!)

(Fervor does not equal wisdom!!!)

XVI.) He Must Have A Good Testimony Outside of the Church!

Application : These are the characteristics of a Real Man!!

Appeal : Accept the challenge of Christian manhood.

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