Summary: EL Shaddai is the [only] God that we can bank on. We will not go wrong with Him.

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Which God Are You Banking On?

One day a brother was in a strange part of town and in somewhat of a rush. He needed to get some money from his bank, so he obtained directions to one of its branches-one he had never been to before.

The brother followed the advice, and sure enough there was a bank right across the street from the big store he was told to seek. He rushed in and handed over his book and other forms to the smiling teller.

"I’m sorry, sir. I can’t accept this," she said. "Why not? I am sure it is all in order. I wrote it out very carefully," he countered.

"I am sure you did, but this is not our bank. The one you want is across the street." Shamefaced, he retreated to the other bank, the right one, which was also across the street from the big store, only on the other side.

In a similar way, how many people rush to a god, any god, seeking comfort, solace or salvation, only to find that it is not the God, our heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit?

One may rectify going to the wrong bank, but one cannot recover from banking on the wrong god.

Source: 2000+Bible

EL Shaddai is the [only] God that we can bank on. We will not go wrong with Him. Let me share with you why we can bank on El Shaddai, The Almighty God. El Shaddai is an…


This All-Sufficient God is your God, my God and our God and He’s telling us that…

A. I have all you need, Phil. 4:19

El Shaddai, our God does not need anything from us. He has everything. He owns all things that can be found here on earth and in the whole universe. Everything that surrounds us tells that He is abundant in all things. He has everything we need.

• What Abraham needed in his journey to Egypt, Negev and Canaan is all in the hands of El Shaddai.

• Whatever the Israelites needed in the desert is also in His hands. The power the parted the Red Sea came from Him also.

• Even the fire that Elijah needed to burn the water soaked woods at the altar of Baal came from heaven.

• Our salvation of the soul came from the Father also.

• Everything comes from God.

B. I am giving all you need, Mat. 6:8; Matthew 7:7-11; 21:22; Mark 6:23; Luke 11:9; John 15:7, 16; 16:23

• He is willing to give all of them

• His hands are always open to his people that submits to him

• He gave Abraham an animal to offered when he has proven his faith in El Shaddai (Genesis 22)

• He gave Abraham a land, a son, a nation and many nations.

• He sent fire when Elijah proclaimed that his God is El Shaddai and he is willing to die for him.

Illustration: Naomi learned her lesson the hard way. She lost her husband and two sons in the land that is not kind to El Shaddai. She said, “Call me not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me. I went out full, and the LORD hath brought me home again empty: why [then] call ye me Naomi, seeing the LORD hath testified against me, and the Almighty hath afflicted me?”(Ruth 1:20-21) Why she said those words? Because she knew in her heart that God has everything and willing them all to them that trust in Him.

God has everything we need. If only we put our whole trust in Him we will not be lacking. We don’t need to resort in even tricking other people, especially our own brother in securing financial/material benefits. We just do what his word is telling us to do and being true to what we say we are (Church Covenant).

II. ALL-POWERFUL GOD, 2 Corinthians 6:18

This All-Powerful God is your God, my God and our God and He’s telling us that…

A. I am the ruler of everything, 1 Chronicles 29:12 (David’s Prayer)

David is a ruler, too when he prayed this prayer. He knows what and how to be a ruler. Every in the kingdom submits to you. Say anything and the people will obey. Even more some will follow even the senseless command. As we say in Tagalog, “Ang utos ng Hari ay di nababali.”

And yet, David, a king submits and put his self under the feet of El Shaddai. He knows what he is saying; God is the absolute ruler of all things. He must be obeyed.

Even in appointing and relieving authorities, El Shaddai the Supreme Ruler takes care of it. Daniel said it long ago. It is God who "removes kings and raises up kings." (Dan_2:21). Wake-up you who slumber, you might be removed or sent home if you don’t get up and back in the line. Get in the line now. Obey your orders as a soldier of El Shaddai.

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