Summary: Jesus is the Altogether Lovely one


* Note v.10 - Jesus Christ is the Chiefest of ten thousand! * No one else can compare! * No equal.

* Among men ... Conceived of the Holy Ghost, born of a virgin, an earthly mother and a heavenly

Father! * Among other Gods ... Jesus resurrected!

A) Among friends ... Jesus is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother! * Jesus gave His all!

* He left the beauty of heaven and came to earth! * He wore a crown of thorns so we could wear

a crown of life! * He walked up Calvary’s road so we could walk on streets of gold!

B) He was crucified on a cross and died so that we might live!

* He was treated unjustly so we could be justified! * He went to hell so we could go to heaven!

C) No comparison! * When you see great men of the Bible you see their strength & weaknesses!

* But when you see Jesus ... all strength! * No weaknesses in the Son of God!

* "I find no fault in Him!" * When you look at Jesus you see the Altogether Lovely One!

* When you look at Jesus you see the chiefest of ten thousand!

D) Before Calvary, during Calvary, after Calvary, He is the Altogether Lovely One!

* When you look at us we have a good side and a bad side!

* But no matter how you look at Jesus, He is beautiful from all sides! (His scars)

E) In every book of the Bible, Jesus is! * In Gen.- Seed of a woman, Exo.- The Passover Lamb,

* Lev.- Our High Priest, * Num.- The Brazen Serpent, * Deut.- Our Prophet like unto Moses,

* Josh.- Captain of our Salvation, * Judges - our Judge and Lawgiver,

F) Ruth - Kinsman Redeemer, * I & II Sam.- Our Trusted Prophet,

* Kings & Chron.- He is our Reigning King, * Ezra & Neh.- The Rebuilder of broken down walls,

* Esther - Our Mordecai, * Job - Our Ever Living Redeemer, * Ps.- He is our Shepherd,

G) Prov. & Ecc.- Our Wisdom, * Sg. of Sol.- Altogether Lovely, Chiefest of Ten Thousand,

* Isa.- Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, Prince of Peace, * Jer.- Righteous Branch,

* Lam.- The Weeping Prophet, * Eze.- The Four Faced Man, * Dan.- 4th Man in the fire,

H) Hos.- The Lover of the backslider, * Joel - Baptizer with the Holy Ghost and fire,

* Amos - Burden Bearer, * Obadiah - Mighty to save, * Jonah - Our Great Foreign Missionary,

* Micah - The Baby in the manger, * Nahum - Avenger of God’s elect,

I) Hab.- God’s Evangelist, * Zeph.- Our Savior, * Hag.- Our Restorer,

* Zech.- Our Fountain opened to the house of David, * Mal.- The Sun of Righteousness rising

with healing in His wings, * Matt.- The Messiah, * Mk.- The Suffering Servant,

* Lk.- The Son of Man, * Jn.- The Son of God, * Acts - The Holy Ghost,

J) Rom.- Our Justifier, * I & II Cor.- Our Sanctifier, * Gal.- Our freedom from the curse of - law,

* Eph.- Our Unsearchable Riches, * Philippians - The God Who supplies all our needs,

* Col.- He is the Fullness of the Godhead, * I & II Thes.- Our soon coming King,

K) I & II Tim.- Our Mediator between God and man, * Titus - Our Faithful Pastor,

* Philemon - A Friend that sticketh closer than a brother, * Heb.- The Blood of the Everlasting

Covenant, * James - The Great Physician,

* I & II Pet.- Chief Shepherd who will appear with a crown of glory,

L) I, II, & III Jn.- He is Love, * Jude - He is Lord coming with ten thousands of His saints,

* Rev.- He is Alpha, Omega, the Beginning & the End, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

M) No matter how you look at Jesus, He is the Altogether Lovely One, the Chiefest of 10,000!

* Phil.2:10-11 "That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow & every tongue should confess

that Jesus is Lord." * Hag. 2:7 "He is the desire of all nations."

N) The Patriarchs looked for Jesus as the Great Sacrifice, the prophets prophesied of His coming.

* Psalmist sang of His coming, * The disciples & Apostles lived & died for Him & looked for His

coming! * The church awaits His coming!


A) From any view point, He is the Only Lovely One! * There is no equal!

* Jesus deserves our allegiance! * He is the only One Who can save & make a difference in

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