Titus 2:11-13

On the Island of Trinidad is a crater in an extinct volcano which is completely filled with pitch. This asphalt is hard enough for folk to walk upon, although gas still escapes here and there from its surface. Men dig great chunks from this tar-like lake and load train cars full of it to pave roads. It is said that no matter how large a hole is made in this Pitch Lake, no cavity will remain after 72 hours, for it immediately fills up from down below. For over 63 years, they have been taking shiploads of asphalt out of this crater, yet it never runs empty. They have gone down as far as 280 feet and still they have found this black, gumlike substance bubbling up. There seems to be an unlimited supply.

“His love has no limits; His grace knows no measure,

His power has no boundary known unto men;

For out of His infinite riches in Jesus,

He giveth, and giveth, and giveth again!”

This is one of the greatest passages in the Whole New Testament, for it so rich concerning the Christian. In verse 11, we see the first appearing of Jesus at His birth, and in verse 13, we see the second of appearing of Jesus in His second coming.

It tells us that we begin the Christian life with Grace and We end our Christian life with Glory.

The real key is found in verse 11 in the phrase, the grace of God. John Newton would late call it the amazing Grace Of God.

When I was a young boy, my granddaddy worked in a general store out in the country. Every Saturday night, he would buy my-self and my brother five pieces of Candy, such as a power bar, a brock candy bar, a zero candy bar, a butter log, and a milky way candy bar. He would put it in a brown paper bag and give it to us on Sunday afternoon. When I would see him, I would run to meet him and say what did you bring? He would say your “Saturday night”.

Verse eleven say, the grace of God that bringeth. God’s Grace bring us something and it does something for us.


A-We See That God Provided It For Us:11A

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared

We cannot save ourselves, God has to provide it for us. He did it by revealing His son, Jesus.

What He is talking about is an actual event, it is Christmas when God revealed His Grace in His son.

There have many some great nights in Bible history but the greatest night was when Jesus was born.

The main thing it that He provided salvation in Jesus for us, nothing we did or can do for it.

ILLUSTRATION: I heard a story about a boy who had his first date with a girl in his school. When he arrived to pick her up, he had a dozen roses in one hand and with the other hand rang the door bell. When she opened the door and saw him with the roses, she was so excited, she begin to kiss him all over his face. He left running from the house. She shouted, did I scare you Johnny? He said no, I going to the store and get another dozen roses.

We don’t bring flowers to win God’s love, He loves us though we are sinners. THAT IS GRACE

B-We See That God Presented It To Us: 11B

hath appeared to all men,

Jesus provided Himself not for just a few many, but all men.

Do you mean everybody is going to Heaven? No, he provides salvation for all, but not all will accept it.

ILLUSTRATION: Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s parents disapproved so strongly of her marriage to Robert that they disowned her. Almost weekly, Elizabeth wrote love letters to her mother and father, asking for a reconciliation. They never once replied. After ten years of letter writing, Elizabeth received a huge box in the mail. She opened it. To her dismay and heartbreak, the box contained all of her letters to her parents. No one of them had ever been opened! Today those love letters are among the most beautiful in classical English literature. Had her parents opened and read only a few of them, a reconciliation might have been effected.

Some many today refuse to read God’s love letter, the Bible, and see that God want to all to be saved through His son, the Lord Jesus Christ. God is not willing that any should perish.

ILLUSTRATION: Years ago the public was horrified by the brutally sadistic slaying of eight nurses in Chicago. The man who was charged with the crime wore a tattoo on his arm, “Born to Raise Hell.” Since this fact was published quite a few young men have had a similar slogan tattooed on their arms. In Hamilton, Canada, it is reported that “twenty to thirty youths in their late teens have had themselves inscribed with this slogan.”

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