Summary: God has blessed this nation over the two hundred plus years it has existed, but our sins and growing hatred of God and righteousness has reduced it to a rubble of what it once was. Can anything be done for America to steer it back to its Judeo-Christian foundation? You may not like the answer.

This is a sermon I preached a little over five years ago and recently looked it over for any rewrites, revisions, or updates. Considering all of the anger, rage, chaos, and growing moral rot we see in this country, I have no need to change what the Lord had impressed upon me to deliver, for even today it still cries out to anyone still having ears to hear. Through research, reading, and careful study of the worldviews that have shaped and influenced us as a nation, two specific realms of thought have prevailed and are at war with one another. The two worldviews come from a Judeo-Christian perspective, and the other from a secular, humanist philosophy.

Citizens and statemen of the past have spoken of our nation's origins being founded upon the Word of God and the principles of Christianity, which originated with the first settlers and the establishing of a form of government known as the Mayflower Compact of 1629. The pilgrims who wrote and approved it stated that this new country was to be founded upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Bible for the governance of future generations. The nation was to operate along the lines of Judeo-Christian philosophy, or the study and application of the attributes of God.

The other school of thought, Humanism, founded on the belief that we are the sum and measure of all things. We established the nation upon the works of political philosophers and secular principles that tended to avoid if at all possible any form of biblical standard and rely on reason, logic, science, and skepticism towards anything of a supernatural explanation. This school of thought has reaped a harvest of national tares and has been not a form of ascending human superiority, but has instead incurred the wrath and judgment of Almighty God, who we have told to leave us alone and He has complied, leaving us to drown in the immoral cesspool we have dug for ourselves.

The deliberate abandonment of godly standards and the adoption of what has turned into a foundation of sand has resulted in the formation of a new philosophical guide that now produces law and order which protects no one and is made the object of scorn in cities across the country. The present American philosophy has gleefully encouraged us to embrace ourselves and abandon the person and work of Jesus Christ, and to redefine truth as whatever seems right to the individual. It has redefined the the value of life as the "right" to kill an unborn child in the womb and the elderly now living in isolation. It has replaced education with indoctrination, molding young minds to hate and demean anyone and anything who would dare to disagree with them, be they peer or parent.

The humanism that makes up the American philosophy today had turned the meaning of "love" and "family" into a quagmire of self-defined groups, with the objective of ridding the nation of the traditional structure of a man and woman together in the bonds of matrimony, and to redefine the concept of "love" to go so far as to advocate the wretchedness of pedophilia. None of this has any shred of decency or merit, and because we have thrown God out of the national fabric, we now reap a harvest of dung and mud. I am personally convinced that the riots we have witnessed, fueled by the inept and local and state officials, and the fires, vandalism, and destruction of entire city blocks are the results of the evil and malevolent ideas proposed by the late Saul Alinsky and his manifesto that he dedicated to "the first rebel, Lucifer", known by the title "Rules for Radicals". What did Alinsky write under the influence of Satan that resulted in this case of national insanity?

It starts with questioning the existing authorities, and slandering anyone who disagrees with you. The radical then plants false idealistic ideas into the minds of the gullible and impressionable, namely young people, with the promise of rewards such as "free college", "universal income", wealth redistribution", "equality", and the demand for "social justice". Promote rejection and disrespect for all religious convictions and beliefs. tear down houses of worship and limit all religious activities. Protest the established government with the goal of overthrowing it and the existing social structure, forming a statist system with full control over production of goods and services. We are seeing this happen in America through the growing acceptance of socialist thought and the idea that Marxist dogma is the proper means of governing all nations.

Leftist and humanist philosophy in America today have made the message of redemption and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ into an object of slander, blasphemy, ridicule, and hatred. The irony is that Jesus told His followers that this would be rampant in the days before His return (Luke 21:12-19) and was reaffirmed by the apostle Paul in his final letter (2 Timothy 3:4-5). Atheists and skeptics openly mock Jesus, either denying HIs existence or deny what the Scriptures have presented about Him, or deny the authority and divine inspiration of the Bible altogether. If their claims are true, then why do they spend any time even discussing or debating it? (Romans 3:10-18; Psalm 14:1, 53:1).

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