Summary: Declaring that Christ the Lord has come, the angels did it. Now we are to declare the good news that is for all the people.

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Last year I spoke about the passage in Luke’s gospel where the shepherds are out in the fields doing the thing shepherds do best, out living in the fields looking after the sheep as they did in the day. When something strange happened and beyond all of their imaging happened, remember these shepherds had no books, had never heard a radio or seen television and the most amazing thing they could have imagined would have been about as startling as a cheese sandwich. Then all at once an angel appeared to them, then a host of angels and all the good news about the coming of Christ the Lord. The sign of which will be a baby lying in a manger.

Mind bogglingly strange events if you were one of a few blokes who was enjoying a quiet night out under the stars, prehaps wondering if there was likely to be a sheep get into a bit of trouble or maybe a wolf might upset the flock, probably something that had not occurred for quite some time. The wolves knew that it was not safe to mess with domesticated sheep that had not wandered from the flock.

So that’s the shepherds but do we ever think about the Christmas story from an angel’s perspective.

Imagine that you’re an angel going about the usual sort of every day angel activities such polishing harps, tuning harps, making sure the pearly gates are all nice and clean and that the hinges are oiled, making sure the other heavenly creatures are not playing up, waging spiritual warfare, ensuring that the heavenly hymns are all sung in the right key, and that the cloud you are hanging out on does not turn into part of a cold front over a tropical location that washes away someone’s crop of beans.

So here you are all angelic like (please note: this has taken a little imagination and is not - unless I have fluked it a true depiction of an angel), all nine foot tall of you in your majestic beauty, wing span at full stretch eleven foot three inches, a powerful heavenly being with massive shoulders, they need to be for flying - going about your normal work day. Here you are out there doing that all important angel stuff when the news comes in, it’s been in the pipeline now for just under nine months going off the Earth calendar, and way longer in the eternal scheme of things. Not only has it come to be, but the news needs to be delivered and The Mighty One the Lord of all creation has asked you to be part of the choir delivering the news, well with a voice like yours who wouldn’t ask you? That’s right you sing like an angel!

So where does the God of all creation, the marker of the universe want this news delivered? Perhaps to the overall leader of the mightiest nation on the planet, Rome, Caesar Augustus himself, but no? Maybe to Herod the king of Judea; for the great event has happened in that region, no? This is where things get a little confusing, not to that religious leaders at the temple of the Holy of Holies, the King of heaven isn’t too worried about the high priest hearing the news either he’ll find out soon enough? So where are we to declare this news?

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