Summary: God established and anointed those of us in the one body of faith in Christ Jesus.



Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (2/9/2014)

“Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God;” (II Corinthians 1:21, King James Version [Paul encourageth them]).

Greetings in the Holy Name of Jesus,

My brothers and sisters, I ask you, When have we, the one body in Christ Jesus, gladly represented in righteousness our anointing without corruption of sin, which is the temptation of death? It seems we constantly struggle from one day to the next day unto perfection. Today, I overheard a local minister preach the corruption of government and prayer for leadership. Let us talk about corruption of government and leadership, for God did not even achieve success in his plan with Adam and Eve, who knew what would happen to them for disobedience of God's commandment in leadership of a two-persons populated Garden of Eden with dominion of the earth in the perfection of God's glory. Nevertheless sin manifested out of glory from Genesis chapter one verses 26 through 27 to chapter three verse six, of which chapter two a reflection of God's creations, in particular his creation of male and female (1:27), man and woman (2:22), man and his wife (2:25) presaged the fall of man or the fall of grace, which cast man down to death out of righteousness.

According to Paul the Apostle to the Hebrews (1:9, KJV), “Thou hast loved righteousness, and hated iniquity; therefore God, even thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows” [Christ preferred above angels]. Now, in the faith of Jesus, is the natural man, the flesh less weakened in temptation unto death since Jesus saved? Interestingly enough, even the woman's reason for the fall of man (3:6) as a need for food does not stop us from reflecting on how quickly the fall of man happened from the creation of male and female to the day of transgression, since God rested on the seventh day. However, we encourage our fellow citizens in Christ Jesus for all things are possible even life after death ushered in the gift of reconciliation even more eternal life, which God promised all the fathers of old (Hebrews chapters 11 and 12, KJV [faith in the fathers of old; the worthy fruits of faith; the new covenant commended). Why do we still say repent to reconcile with God to be saved when Jesus walked the earth thousands of years ago?

Most importantly, we must practice the business of God through the doctrine of Jesus, baptizing, laying on of hands to heal and resurrecting the dead (Hebrews 6:1-3, KJV [the doctrine of Jesus unto perfection, if God permits]). Yes, we must move forward and run our course unto perfection for by now we must know that repentance is the ground we stand on (John the baptist said, “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:” St. Matthew 3:11, KJV [John baptizeth Christ Jesus]). Why have you not entered in to the faith of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus by now; to that which was promised and is now truth to the realness of your feelings in your heart and the thoughts in your mind? If only you believe in Jesus then whomever Jesus saves is free, indeed. Why won't you go beyond repentance and build---join in the one body in the faith of Jesus to achieve greater works than those witnessed of Jesus as he promised you could do.

All things are possible in Christ Jesus for the anointing is real. It is quite apparent you live in unbelief for you do not believe that you can heal by the laying on of hands; you do not believe you can cast out devils (St. Matthew 17:19, KJV [Jesus cast out devils his disciples could not cast out]); you do not believe you can resurrect dead; you do not believe you can even wither away a non-bearing fig fruit tree (21:21, KJV [fig tree withered for not bearing fruit]). The gospel according to St. Matthew 17:20, KJV stated, “And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it


shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you” [faith removes mountains]. Do you still doubt that Jesus holds the power, that all things are possible? (28:18, KJV[And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth]). “Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done (21:21).

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