Summary: Jesus Christ is the answer to the greatest questions of life

The Answer

1 Corinthians 15:1-4

November 30, 1997

Morning Worship

1. The Riddler

A. Costume: Covered with question marks, hat with huge question mark, staff with question mark at the top, all of the devices that he uses have question marks on them, it’s his symbol

B. He makes riddles to confuse: The riddles are a part of the overall plan, they are written as clues but also to confuse, Riddler uses questions to confuse

C. Life gets confusing: Humanity seems to always be confused about something, we never seem to be able to understand everything, we never seem to have all of the answers, it makes the questions that much more confusing, Charlie Brown and the deck chair

How can we answer the toughest questions in life?

2. Greatest Questions in Life

A. Why do we exist: Personal Meaning

B. How did we get here: Personal origin

C. Who are we: Personal Foundation

3. Search for Answers

A. Philosophy: The search for essentials, For thousands of years people have asked questions about the important things in life, the exploration of why we exist, where we come from, the origin of the universe,

B. Psychology: The search for indentity, we want to understand what makes us tick, search for reasons people are the way they are

C. Religion: The search for meaning, religion is not what the church is about, religion is harmful and destructive, religion creates ownership in buildings and positions, religion is not a relationship

4. The Answer

A. We exist because God created us: God is the supreme creator, He has created each person, everyone is unique and special,

B. We are her to be God’s Children: God isn’t interested in religion but rather wants a relationship, we are meant to have a relationship, a mistake was made and the relationship was broken, sin has destroyed the relationship

What is the solution?

C. We are fallen

1. Sin has created an eternal divide

2. How can we have relationship with God? - Answer 1 Cor. 15:1-4

3. Our Greatest need: Information - educator, technology - scientist, money - ecconomist, forgiveness - Savior, Christ died to be our savior and lives to be our Lord

5. Spiritual ABC’s

A. Accept - Accept Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life

B. Believe - Believe that He died for your sins and that God raised Him from the dead

C. Confess - Confess that Jesus has not been first in your life

6. Six Key Spiritual Needs

A. Need to believe that life is meaningful and has purpose

B. Need for a sense of community and deeper relationships

C. Need to be appreciated and respected

D. Need to be listened to and heard

E. Need to feel that ther is growth in the faith

F. Need for practical help in developing a mature faith

7. The Search is Over

A. The search can be done:

B. The answer is right here and it’s as easy as ABC

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