Summary: This is the 2nd sermon in the America Series...

“The Answers To America’s Problem”


*A preacher went to call on one of the ladies in his congregation. When

he arrived at her house, her front door was open with the screen door

closed. Windows were open and the TV was on. He walked up to the door and

knocked. “Sister Jones. Sister Jones.” There was no response. So he

knocked again. “Sister Jones, its your preacher.” There was no answer. So

he decided to do something cute. He pulled out one of his business cards

and wrote on the back of it a Scripture verse - Revelation 3:20 which

says, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” He left and didn’t think

much more of it. The next Sunday as his family was headed out to their

car after church, he noticed a note on his windshield which read had just

one verse written on it: Genesis 3:10 which says, “I heard you in the

garden and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.”

*Last week I began to discuss the issue of morality in America and today

I want to answer the dilemma I raised then by sharing with you three

questions I have learned to ask when considering ethics and morals. These

three questions allow me to keep a gospel of grace and still insist that

we be a holy and pure bride for the LORD Jesus.

I. How should I live in view of the CHARACTER of Jesus?

*I believe a good starting place is asking the question: What would Jesus

Do? Many of you have probably seen the Christian garb that includes those

four letters on it: WWJD? I think some of that is actually a good

reminder for us to ask ourselves what would Jesus do.

*1 Peter 2:21 says: For you have been called for this purpose, since

Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in

His steps, (NAS)

*The Greek used there for “example” was the word that they used of that

plate that they would use to teach their children to write. And they

would put that paper over that plate and they would trace on that plate.

And Peter’s point is that what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to pattern

or trace your life after the example that Jesus left. When I was in Bible

college I was taught about Pattern Theology, and we were warned of its

problems. My feeling is there isn’t a problem as long as Jesus is the

pattern. If Jesus is the pattern I believe in pattern theology.

*So we’ve got to regularly ask ourselves: Am I trying to trace Jesus or

am I trying to trace the pattern of the world? Your task as a disciple of

Jesus is to try to lay your life over His and try to reproduce His image.

*One of my favorite stories along this line involves a man by the name of

Bill Roberts. Now Milton Jones preaches for the Northwest Church of

Christ in Seattle, WA. He also happens to be the preaching professor at

Puget Sound Christian College. One Sunday Milton was preaching on the

second coming of Jesus, that judgment might come any day. A member of his

church brought Bill Roberts for the first time to the building. And Bill

Roberts called Milton the next Monday and said, “Can I come see you? I

need to be baptized.” So Milton said, “Come on over!”

When Bill Roberts got there he said, “I need to be baptized, Jesus is

coming back any minute.” So Milton said, “Well let’s study a little bit.”

And he opened up his Bible. And Bill Roberts said, “Well that’s a first.

That’s the first time I’ve ever seen an open Bible.” So Milton began to

study with Bill about what it means to be baptized. And this went on for

about two hours and Bill reached over and closed Milton’s Bible and said,

“I promise you, Milton. I’ll read this for the rest of my life, but could

I please get baptized? Jesus is coming back.” And Bill kept his promise.

He attended and been a member there for two or three years.

One Sunday Milton preached out of 1 Peter 2:21 and he told the story of

the writing of that great classic by Sheldon, “What Would Jesus Do?” And

he asked his church, “I want to know today how many of you are ready to

do whatever Jesus would do? Write me a letter, come down front. I want to

know today, who in this church is ready to do what Jesus would do?” They

stood to sing the invitation song and out stepped Bill Roberts.

*And Milton expected Bill to say, “That was the finest sermon on

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