Summary: Acts Series: 17th Sermon--The Promises, The Prophets, and The Persecutions.

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The Apostle Peter’s 2nd Sermon, pt. 3

Acts 3:22-4:4

Last week, the promises:

v. 19 Repent, and your sins will be blotted out, and the times of refreshing will come…God’s kingdom/Millennium.

Gov’t purified/war and bloodshed past/peace/ecology/infirmities gone/poverty/masses worship God!

That’s the promises, now…

The Prophets:

To make his message more clear, and to drive it all home, Peter now brings up the prophets [very high in priority in Jewish minds]…Moses…

v. 22-23 Direct quote from Deut. 18

He reminds them that even Moses prophesied to them that a prophet would come and He would be their Messiah, and that the cost of not following Him would be eternal damnation. [very powerful point to these Jews!]

Amazing the sources some base their beliefs on:

Hell’s right here on earth! [barber shop]

God would never send anyone to hell [donut house]!

Moses said, not Joe Barber/Joe Millionaire/Joe Schmo/ or even Jo Mama!

Then he reminds them that Moses wasn’t the only one…many other prophets, too!

v. 24 Peter didn’t go into a lot of detail, but he could have…but it was coming to their minds, I’m sure…

Over 300 direct prophecies had been fulfilled, like…

Is. 7:14 He would be born of a virgin Lk. 1:7 it happened!

Micah 5:2 born in Bethlehem Lk. 2:4 that happened!

Gen. 49:10 born of tribe of Judah Mt. 3:3 that happened!

Psalm 78:2 speak in parables Mt. 13:34 that happened!

Zech. 9:9 ride on colt of a donkey Mt. 21 that happened!

Is. 61 heal broken-hearted Lk. 4:18 that happened!

Is. 53:3 rejected by own Jn. 1:11 that happened!

Is. 53:7 stand silent before accusers Mk. 15:5 that happened!

Ps. 22:18 cast lots for His robe Jn. 19:23 that happened!

Ps. 22 (hundreds of years before crucifixion ever invented or thought of) prophets said they would pierce His hands and feet, and it happened!

Ps. 22:1 “my God, why forsaken me?” Mt. 27:46 that happened!

v. 5 tongue cleave to jaw Mt. 26:15 that happened!

Zech. 11:2 sold by enemies for 30 silver Mt. 26:15 that happened!

Is. 53:9 buried w/ rich Mt. 27 that happened!

One skeptic said, “certainly this is the most striking coincidence of details.”

Ill.—cover the state of Texas w/ quarters, 2 feet deep, mark the back of 1 of them with an X. Fly a man in and drop him anywhere you want in the state, blindfold him, and ask him to find that quarter with the X first try! That’s the same chance of just 8 of the Bible’s prophecies being fulfilled by coincidence!

No wonder in v. 24 Peter said, All the prophets have foretold of these days!

Now, Peter says, because you’ve come in contact w/ this info…if anyone ever ought to get saved, it’s you!

v. 25 You’re Jews, children of the prophets/covenant, you have all this inside info…to not get saved now is to sin against superior knowledge! You have a flood of lights showing you the way!

Ill.—stepping on pointy toys walking thru our dark house/tripping down steps w/ Jacob one morning…it’s one thing to do it in the dark, but in broad daylight?

Peter says, for you to not accept Christ is to sin against a flood of lights!

v. 26 [emphasize each use of “you”]…can’t “you” see this?

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