Summary: How to use the armour and spiritual gifts.

The Armour of God ,Part three. The Helmet and the Sword. 1. The Helmet, The helmet was the covering for the crainum or head. It protected the brain from blows and from falls. The helmet is to us a protection for our mind, it only allows thoughts that are rightious to enter and repells any thoughts that are unrightious. It gives us a barrier that will stop Satan from intering and taking controll the mine. Our Mind controlls the rest of the body, thoughts ,emotions, motor skills, illness ect. Yes Illness, the bible states that a lot of the things that happen to us are common to man,... but those things that are not common are from the devil. So if he can controll the mind then he has a foot hold into our physical well being. Have you ever heard of a hypocondiract? Thats a person that thinks himself into illnesses that he doesnt have. The Bible tells us to controll the mind and not to give a foot hold to the devil. As the mind thinks, so we are, if we accept illness, then we will be sick, we can talk our way into illness or dispaire and even depression. So if we keep the helmet on we can maintain controll of our bodies. This is the helmet of salvation, the knowing that we are no longer our own but have been bought by a price. 2. The Sword, The Word of God, The sword was polished to a high shine and was sharp on both sides to be able to cut in eather direction that it was wielded. The sword was and still is an offencive weapon. 3. Lance of Intersession, The lance was also an offensive weapon, used to keep distance from the enemy and to keep them at bay, it could be held, tossed or thrown a multiperpose weapon. We use it to keep Satan at a distance, throu, prayer, fasting and faith. The spiritual Gifts. Prophecy , Miricales and decerning of Spirits. 1. Prophecy., Scripture that reviels future events, not nessassarily in order of occurance. Thats where we hafe to compair, scripture to scripture. Prophecy in scripture is one of the most important items for christians and the least taught.All Christians can prophecy if the Holy Ghost is allowed to work in them. Paul prefered that we all do it. 2.Miricales, things that cant be done but are done, Jesus did many and we are equipted to do the same, if we believe. 3. Discerning of Spirits, knowing weather a spirit is from God or Satan. We all have a levil of this gift but it must be worked and nurtured. The last two gifts are the most contriversual in church doctrine. These are the gift of tongues and the interpretation of tongues. 11. Tongues.,Language, foreign language. Most people associate tongues with the penticaustal church. This is probably correct because other churches do not teach the gift. They believe that it was for the early church and not for us. But for God to list it as one of the gifts to attain, it also has a sugnificance to us today. The last two are the least of the gifts and there are specific rules on their usage. Weather it be a Heavanly language between you and God alone in the privacy of your prayer closet or in a congregation where an interpretation MUST follow it is for all who want it. Most christians associate tongues with French, German, Italian, ect., and this is fine this is one usage of the gift. Read up on this in scripture and make up your own mind weather you wish to have these two gifts. There are a lot of scripture on this subject. Remember if Jesus did it, he said we could also. Weather you believe in tongues or not dont condem others for their beliefe because it IS Gods word. Just say you dont practice it and let it go. Sometimes its best if you dont understand something, not to say anything at all.Now there is an offshoot of christian churches that teach that all spiritual gifts stopped in the 60 to 70 A.D. era. That Ephesians 4 and most of the new testiment and especiall The Book of Revelations are not for us any more. It important to be careful who you talk to and who you listen to. Do not be decieved with thoses who try to take away and add too the Bible. These same people say its disrespectiful toward God to eat meat. Becareful, these people will get you into a lot of trouble with God. Spiritual gifts are given by the same spirit to whomever he wills. And they are addministered by the pastor of the church, by the laying on of hands, to the believer. If additional imformation is needed on these gifts, please let me know and I will go further into detale. This will be the end of part two. Part three will address the parts of armour not many people know about. The Cloke, Garment and Zeal. ars. js

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