Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The unknown pieces of armour and conclusion of study.

The Armour of God, conclusion.part four. Weve learned about the Whole armour of God from Ephesians 6:11-17. The parts of armour listed here are the 1. Belt, as the truth of God 2. Breastplate of Rightiouness 3. Shoes for the preparation of the Gospel of Piece 4. Shield of Faith 5. Helmet of Salvation 6. Sword of the spirit 7. Lance of Intersession Most teachers stop there but there are two more pieces of Armour to be added. Lets go to Isaiah 59:17 1. The Garment of Vengence 2. Zeal as a cloke 1. The garment of vengence is the fabric that lays between the armour and the body of the soldier. No armour would be complete without a buffer between the skin and all that steel. Now youve heard the old expression that a person is thin skined, well, we all are. God uses this piece of garment as Himself making a way of escape when trouble overwhelms us to the point that we could lose all the things that weve gained throu Christ. Vengence is Mine, sayeth the Lord, I will repay. We are to allow God to deal out punishment against all those who trouble us. And He will. 2. Zeal, as a cloke. The last but not least of importance to the soldier. The cloke covered all the armour when it was raining or in bad weather. This helped to prevent rusting or tarnishing of the pollished metal. Zeal is the warmth or fealing for God that is above the fealings that we have for anyone or anything else. Makeing God first in our lives. Thou shall have no other Gods before me. This zeal comes only from the heart, mind and soul of the person that wears it. You can tell thoses that are in the church that have that tipe of feeling.You cant hide it, its like a glow that comes over them when they come into the church, a smile that just wont go away. Its the tipe of Christian that you want to be around, knowing that if you can get close to them some of the spirit will flow over onto you. Now we are well prepaired to go out and be a soldier for God. Once again here are the Gifts of the Spirit. 1. Word of Wisdom, A rema word from God. 2. Word of Knowledge, ability to understand what we read. 3. Faith, a gift of special Faith. 4. Healing, ability to heal others of sickness, by prayer or touch. 5. Miracles,,.ability to do what no man can do. 6. Prophecy, ability to predict the future for edification of the church. 7. Discerning of Spirits, ability to distinguish good and evil spirits. 8. Tongues, ability to speek to God in a Heavanly language or other national language. 9. Interpretation of tongues, being able to translate other languages for the church. Jesus said, Ask and ye shall recieve, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened up unto you. This was His promise and our leagasy a part of our inheratance. This concludes this seares in the Armour of God. ars. js

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