Summary: The bible only records Pilate's actions as, “He had Jesus flogged …” Today, Christians need to stop playing games with the love Jesus has for us. We need to be reminded that we deserve what He took, and because of that He is Lord!

The Arrest, Trial and Death of Jesus, Part 2

Mark 14:66Mark 15:20

- Jesus is demonstrated in this book as a “servant”

-- Today we continue the final week of Jesus’ life and ministry

- On Wednesday night we saw several things take shape in this story:

- 1) Jesus took His inner circle to a place of solitary to pray

-- His one request is that we stay awake and pray with Him

-- This is something we should be doing today; PAY ATTENTION

- 2) His betrayer brought the Pharisees to His location to arrest Him

-- This was done under the cover of night, in secret and was shameful

-- Remember: it’s the middle of the night and there are plenty to testify

- 3) It’s the beginning of end of Jesus’ life takes shape with an assault

-- Why? Because He answered the chief priest with, “I am”

- This sets up a tremendous confrontation with Jesus and Roman leaders

-- No one is allowed to proclaim themselves as king, and Jesus does

-- This one fact is what enrages them, for it is blasphemy to them

-- What they have failed to see, is Jesus is only answering truthfully

- Read Mark 14:66-72

∆ Point 1 – “I’ve never met the man” (66-72)

- We see that Peter does in fact love Jesus, but remains at a distance to Him

-- We really cannot blame him for this; lots of fear and uncertainty in this

-- It is human nature to not burst in and rescue when danger is so evident

- When he is identified as being with Jesus (v67), he denies it

-- Not only does he deny it, he removes himself from that area

-- V68 says he goes from the fireside to the front porch (entryway)

- His withdrawal tells us volumes about what he is thinking right now

-- APP: “I could be next … and so I need to keep moving away from here”

- Then, this same girl (from v66) sees him there and calls him out again

-- “This fellow is one of them”; he also is a disciple of this man Jesus

-- What this does it cast Peter in a light of suspicion, He is one of them!

-- Once again, Peter denies that he is a follower of Jesus

- This really puts the pressure on him, and others join in accusing him

-- “Surely, you are one of them …” -- you are here, and you’re out of place

-- You are Galilean, Jesus is a Galilean, and so you must be with Him!

- In v71 Peter does something unique, and really seals the deal

-- The Bible says he calls down curses on himself, and loses his mind!

-- He curses at them, vehemently denying that he is with Jesus

- What Peter is saying here is, “May God curse me if I’m lying!”

-- This is a serious thing to do as a Jew; asking God to curse you is horrible

-- It is so serious he is willing God curse him if he is lying

- APP: So, why is this scene so important to us in 2014?

-- It is amazing how easily those who follow Jesus should be identified

-- This is where we see ourselves as well; do others know who you follow?

- When Peter denies him for the third time, a rooster crows, and he knows

-- He knows what he has done, his heart is broken, and he weeps for himself

- APP: It is not for Jesus he weeps, but because he realizes his sin

-- Psalm 51:3, “For I know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me.”

-- He has denied the One who has loved him, the one who’s brought life

- Read Mark 15:1-15

∆ Point 2 – Pilate’s Dilemma (1-15)

- Pilate is now in a very interesting predicament with what to do with Jesus

-- Jesus has been brought before him and he has to deal with this crowd

-- Remember, this is during the Passover, a time where crowds are great

-- He know his decision(s) could incite a riot, causing additional issues

-- Also, failing to act will cast him in a bad light with Caesar; a ruthless leader

- We know from the other Gospels that Jesus will face three civil trials

-- All of which are greatly manipulated by the Pharisees; pressuring them

-- These trials set Jesus up with a no win situation, before Pilate who’s weak

-- In Mark’s gospel, we see Pilate who’s heard the accusations get right to it

- “Are you the King of the Jews?” (v2)

-- The Pharisees really had three accusations against Jesus

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