Summary: The practical ways for Christians to excercise hospitality. Abraham is a good example to follow.

Message: The Art Of Christians Hospitality

Scripture Text: Genesis 18.1-8

(A) Why do we need hospitality?

1) The Bible Says So.

1Pet. 4.9; 3Jn. 5-8; Rom 12.3; 1Tim. 3.2; Titus 1.8

2) Equal To Entertain Jesus.

Mt. 25.43

3) The Act Of Loving Neighbors.

1Jn. 3.18

(B) The Art of Christians Hospitality:

1) Be Initiative. (Gen. 18.1-2)

2) Be Generous. (Gen. 18.4-5, 6-8)

3) Be Attentive. (Gen. 18.5)

4) Be Enthusiastic. (Gen. 18.2,6,7)

5) Be Humble. (Gen. 18.2,8)

6) Be Respective. (Gen. 18.5)

(C) My Response

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