Summary: Part 3 of 4 in a series covering the things of first importance as presented by the Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians 15

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INTRODUCTION: As we discussed last week the resurrection of Christ is the foundational truth of the Gospel, and while the Gospel we preach rests solely on that foundation, there is more to the story… We’ve looked at how the burial of Christ often gets wrongly overlooked; well there are two more aspects that are necessary for a complete picture. So we now get to play Paul Harvey and get the rest of the story! And for that we move away from 1st Corinthians and move to the book of Acts.

BACKGROUND: I’ve often wondered how much planning went into Jesus’ plan to leave earth. We know that entire plan for the salvation of man was set prior to the creation of the universe and it was now near its conclusion. Jesus had already left once through His death, but three days later He was back. It was now time to bring His earthly ministry to an end and prepare the disciples for their transition into the architects of the New Testament Church. And how does He choose to do this, by performing one final miracle for His disciples to see. There will be another which we’ll cover next week and it’s one that we’ll all get to see!


• Just a cursory reading of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life show that He was a miracle worker!

• From his first miracle of turning water into wine, to the feeding of the 5,000, to bringing Lazarus back to life, we see Jesus working miracles in the lives of everyday people

• And how many more miracles did Jesus work that we don’t even know about (John 21:25)

• Over the past two weeks we’ve considered the miracles of His death, burial, and resurrection

• But Jesus isn’t done yet – He’s been out among the people for 40 days and has been seen by thousands! – which serves as some of the greatest evidence for the “empty tomb”

• He now leads his disciples out as far as Bethany, and He tells them that they are to stay in Jerusalem

• He gives them a direct order… to stay and wait! But why would He give them such and order?

• (1) the promised “baptism” of the Holy Spirit (different from the “gift” ) (Acts 1:4)

• (2) the Prophets said that the first preaching of the Gospel would take place in Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:3)

• They then ask Jesus about the establishment of the Kingdom, which they still don’t understand as being a spiritual kingdom… Jesus answers them, then ascends to heaven (vs. 6-10)

• Unlike the resurrection where no one was present when it occurred, all the disciples (save for Judas) were present for Jesus’ ascension, and it is of great importance that they witnessed it

• The “truth” of the resurrection was best represented in the fact that Jesus was seen after the fact

• The “truth” of the ascension, couldn’t be seen in such a manner, thus it had to occur in broad daylight in the presence of witnesses! Had Jesus simply disappeared, confusion would have ensued

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