Summary: Children of God have no need to fear the devil.

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Satan wants us to be scared. Peter describes him as a roaring lion (1Pet 5:8). Have you ever thought why he is called a roaring lion? Why does a lion roar? A lion roars when he has finished eating - he eats until he is full and then he wants to go to sleep but he knows that there are hyenas waiting to finish his meal and so he roars to scare them away. And so too Satan roars in order to scare us.


His names describe his character

• Satan - the adversary / enemy of God

• Devil - accuser of the brethren

• Lucifer - angel of light etc

Ez 28:11-19 There are 2 things that I would like to bring out here:

• He was a "model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty"

• He was anointed as a guardian Cherub

In the Bible we read of various different angels and it seems as though there is a hierarchy. There are angels whose ministry is primarily to man - they are messengers (Abraham), some perform miracles (when Peter was released from jail) and in Revelation we read of angels who are going to administer God’s judgement.

And then there are angels whose ministry is mainly Godward. These are the Seraphim and the Cherubim and Satan was the head Cherub - in charge of all the angels.

Who are demons?

Demons are involved in all kinds of disruptive activity

They can delay answers to prayer

They appear to have authority over places, buildings

They influence sinful behaviour

They have different personalities

They produce strongholds in peoples live’s

They attack Christian ministries

They have no power except that allowed them by God

Satan is not omnipresent

The war is real. Why are we at war when Satan has been defeated?

In June 1944, Allies landed successfully on the coast of Normandy. That sealed the doom of Hitler but yet the war only finished 11 months later. Though victory was assured, more allied soldiers died in those eleven months than in the preceding years of WWII


Is 14:12-15

Here we see that Satan became proud of his wisdom and beauty and he started saying things like:

• I will ascend to heaven

• I will raise my throne above the stars of God

• I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain.

• I will ascend above the tops of the clouds

• I will make myself like the Most High

What does all this mean ? Lets look at these 5 I wills one at a time:


Wasn’t Satan already in heaven ? Scripture refers to 3 heavens

a) where the birds fly - our sky

b) where the stars are

c) where God’s throne is

Satan stayed in the 2nd heaven so the heaven he is talking about is the _________ .... but didn’t he already have access into this heaven?

He was a Cherub and so his ministry was to sing praises to God before His throne. What Satan was actually saying here is that he wanted to actually sit on the throne of God


Job 38:7 God’s angels are referred to as stars - Satan is saying that he wants to rule over the angels. He was already the "chief" among the angels but the only orders he gave them were those given to him by God and what he wanted was to be able to call the shots.

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