Summary: Who is the ultimate Authority of the Scriptures?

The Authority Of The Bible What is the foundation of the truth for the New Testament? St John 14:1-27 . Is the absolute authority, The Pope of Rome, The Bible Scollars, what about the Church Conferences? None of the above? The answer is, none of the above. Jesus according to scripture{Laid the foundation for the church, that all men must build upon, and no other foundation can man lay, that has already been laid.} Science verses the Bible, Logic verses Faith, Facts verses Trust. The fall in the church leadership has been caused by compromise in Biblical fact. Its gotten so that many christian and even ministers are willing to compromise with science and arqeologist that bring up differences in time lines that dispute the Biblical account of facts. They say that they cant find evidence for the rule of King David or the six days of creation, they still believe in the Big Bang Theory. There theory is based solly on the use of carbon dating, so which would you believe, Carbon Dating or Bible fact? Where we get into trouble is when we take one mans interpretation for the “Absolute Truth” Truth in scripture starts with Genesis 1:1, the account of the creation of the earth and all things on, in and under the earth. If we disregard the events of the six days of creation and apply a six thousand year account, then we’ve lost our foundation of truth for the rest of the Bible. We cannot change the foundation of the house after it has been built, or otherwise the house will fall. Who then has the last say on interpretation of the scriptures? The answer , The Holy Ghost, the Bible and Jesus, Himself, give us this answer on the question of authority.” Let God be true and every man a lier.” The facts are sometimes hard to understand, when you have so many different interpretations. But remember, there is not one man among us that has total authority to tell the world everything about everything concerning scripture. The Bible states that ,”we all know in {PART}, so according to scripture we have to join our wisdom, knowledge and understanding with others and be as one as Christ commanded. Now if you look at the way some churches are being operated, you can see a compromise with the world and world system, for they ere from the absolute truth of the Bible. Its easy to spot, all you have to do is compare their doctrine with the Bible. The Holy Ghost is the center of truth in scripture. Jesus said that the Holy Ghost will ,” Lead us and guide us into ALL truths.” In Gen. 1, we learn the truth about the creation in simple tearms, “and the evening and the morning were the 1 st day and so on and so on untill the seventh. Now here is where the authority of the Bible comes into question. scollars try to eliminate the 24 hour day right at the outset of the bible. If they can get people to believe that God created in thousand year periods then they can get people to start to doubt the rest of the scripture. As with Lazarus, when Jesus raised him from the dead, they say, that Lazarus was maby in a coma and Jesus just awakened him from it. Doubt is their goal. Why ? So that they can be the center of attention and get people to recognize them as the ultimate authority of the religious community. Arqueologist say that the rings of dirt in many parts of the world, call for the earth to be far older than the Bible states it is, do they really know anything or are they also guessing. ?Is carbon Dating really accurate and by what standard are they using to compare their results by? God said in the end days, men would go after what is so called science. The word science is only mentioned one time in scripture but witchcraft and sorcers are mentioned many. Is that what were facing in these last days, sorcery, witchcraft and witches? I believe that we are facing the spirit of doubt and confusion, the spirit of debate and spirit of anti-christ.If the spirit of antichrist can get you to doubt one verse in scripture, he can get you to doubt it all, dont give place to the devil.It doesnt matter what the scientist say, we must believe all the scripture above anyone and anthing that is being taught. Thats Faith. Come together and reason ,one with another, thats what the Bible says. So in conclusion, who is the ultimate Authority on the Bible? The Holy Ghost, who dwells within all of us.Ministers direct churchmembers into the truth that the Holy Ghost has shown them and then if there are questions, the ministers proove their interpretations, by the spirit of God and the word. For if we are lead by the spirit of God then we are the children of God. ars.

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