Summary: It’s ok to live hand to mouth as long as it’s God’s hand and my mouth.

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The Barrel of Meal that Failed Not

God’s Provision

Scripture: I Kings 17:8-16

Text: Phil. 4.19 My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”

Lesson Aim:

God’s care for the widow and for His servant, and for all who trust Him. The same truth that Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount

(Matt. 6. 25-34).

The Story Told:

v. 9 God had commanded a widow, with nothing, to feed His servant.

v.10 He finds the woman, in the extremity of want, preparing her last meal.

Vs.10-11 Elijah asked for a drink of water and then for a morsel of bread

v.12 She confesses her dire need and extremity.

v.13 Elijah tests her faith – demands to be fed first.

v.14 The Wonderful Promise in the Divine Name

v.15 The Obedience of Faith & the Miracle

v.16 The Lord Provided

Jesus Christ’s Reference and Teaching

To This Story in Luke 4.25

That Israel, the Privileged People, Failed, While a Gentile Stranger was Blessed. Faith is often found in the stranger and not among the privileged. Compare Matthew 15.28; 8.10; Luke 17. 16; Matthew 21.31; and Romans 9. 30-32.

“In Every Nation, He that Feareth God, and Worketh Righteousness, is Accepted with Him” (Acts 10.35). “There is no respect of persons with God.”

Other Lessons from this Simple Story:

1. God has all down through the ages been the Father of the fatherless and Judge of the widow. (Ps. 68.5) He saw the barrel diminishing, and cared for the widow and orphan. “God never comes before His time, But never comes too late.”

2. God Makes Himself Responsible for His Servants who walk and work in the line of His will. “No man goeth a warfare at his own charges.” The Lord still ask, “When I sent you forth lacked ye anything ?”

3. Faith will Always be Tested. Elijah’s “me first” was not selfishness – he knew God had commanded her to feed him. The test – taking the food out her child’s mouth to obey God?

4. Blessings always follow obedient faith. Bible Examples of this. . .

(a) When the Priests’ feet touched the waters, they divided.

(b) When the people shouted in faith the wall of Jericho fell down

(c) Naaman dipped the seventh time in Jordon & his leprosy vanished.

(d) As the lepers went they were cleansed.

(e) When the water bottles were filled with water it turned to wine.

Fill the water pots with water. Fill them to the very brim. Do exactly as He tells you, Leave the miracle to Him.

5. God is a Faithful, Covenant-Keeping God. His Word cannot fail. What He says must surely come to pass, for He is not a man that He should lie.

6. The Barrel was Not Filled, but it Never Failed. “I do not mind living from hand to mouth if it’s God’s Hand and my mouth.”

This story has been The Comfort of the Saints all Down the Ages, and will be until faith is turned to sight.

Application: Has the perfect Love of God cast out all your fears? Do you know God as Jehovah Jireh? “The Lord will provide.”

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