Summary: The Church is ever marching onward into victory under the Blood Stained Banner of Jesus Christ.


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Pastor James May

The Battle Flag of God!

Between the years of 1850 and 1890 America’s focus changed from self-preservation during the Civil War to expansion. Since most of the nation east of the Mississippi river had become “civilized”, the most logical direction for our new frontier was to head out west across the plains to California. Horace Greeley is credited with the famous words, “God west young man, Go West!”

Yes, the West was a place to seek your fortune and to find a new way of life but there were grave dangers also. Besides drought, wild animals, bandits and starvation, the greatest danger of all was from the Indian Tribes whose land we were confiscating.

Which of us, especially of my generation, has not been stirred by emotion when we see the wagon train, surrounded by hundreds of bloodthirsty Indians whose protection of their land and homes meant that they must kill every man, woman and child of these invading white eyes from the east?

The most exciting moment of these movies for me was when it seemed that all was lost, and the Indians were surely about to annihilate the settlers, off in the distance you could hear the bugle call of the cavalry as they came riding into the battle with their banners flying in the breeze and their sabers held high.

You can’t watch this without the wonderful feeling of relief and joy that the victory is finally won, unless you happened to be one of the attacking Indians.

Throughout History there have been countless battles fought and won because soldiers would rally around their flag. To lose that banner in battle would be the height of insult and a sign of defeat from which a unit would not recover.

Even in our own nation, if you are a true patriot, when you see the Stars and Stripes fluttering in the breeze it brings up a sense of pride and reverence. Sad to say, those feelings are slowly but surely being erased from the heart of America.

Yes, mankind has rallied around many banners, standards and flags to win battles that have brought great changes and shaped the course of History.

But the greatest Standard that has ever been raised, and the one that brings the greatest changes on earth is The Blood Stained Banner of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Satan has marshaled his forces in an all out battle against God, against righteousness and against those who trust in Jesus Christ and are the Bride of Christ.

Ephesians 6:12, "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

The devil knows that his army cannot win and yet he does his best to make us believe that he will. He has drawn up his demons and has concentrated his powers in a battle line in order to defend his territory and to advance upon the eternal soul of mankind.

Church of the Living God, precious saints, I want you to know that Satan cannot defeat you. He can snarl, bark, growl, hiss or whatever he thinks might frighten you but he has no power to destroy God’s people.

God’s angels are encamped around his children. The Holy Spirit is within you and greater he than all the forces of Satan in this world. The armies of Heaven are standing, waiting for God to give them direction to charge into your battle and fight off the devil. You are on the winning team and never forget it!

I heard a minister put it this way. Satan has set his forces in order. His generals (principalities) set up his government and methods and they pass along the battle plan of Satan to the Lieutenants (powers). They in turn pass along the orders to the Sergeants (the rulers of darkness of this world) and then it’s the duty of the Privates (spiritual wicked demons) to carry out the mission.

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