Summary: If we are going to have strong families then we must battle Satan for our families

The Battle For The Family

Ephesians 6:11-18

As we begin this message with our focus on the family there will be several matters to consider. First of all we must understand the the family is the foundation for all of society. When the family fails:

1. The Community Fails

2. The Schools Fail

3. Government Fail

4. And the Church Fail

But our focus tonight is not the community, not the schools, not the government but the impact that both church and family play on each other.

That when you have a strong family you have a strong church.

That when you have a church with strong leadership, strong biblical teaching then it equips the family to be able to impact society.

But somehow the church has forgot her mission to teach and not entertain, to preach and not pimp the pews, to save and not jive; to anoint and not dissapoint; to sing and not showboat; to help and not hinder; to speak on sin and not perpetuate it; to help the needy and not turn them away.

The preacher must preach the Word and not distort it; He must lead the sheep and not lay down with them; He must encourage giving and not be trying to get paid; He must be a herald and not a heathen; He must spread the gospel and not spread gossip; He must lift up the blood stained banner and not his own ego.

Why is this important? Because when the church is strong the family is strong. And when the family is strong then society is strong.

Satan has a job and it is to destroy humanity. But he never starts with the President, he never starts with the Governor, he never starts with the Mayor, He never starts with the Pastor. He starts with the home and goes straight to the leader which is the Father.

Why the Father? Because he is the hub of the family. If he gets the father he gains access to the family.

Satan does not care whether the father is in church or not. If he can get the father to step out on his wife, spend his paycheck on liquor, crack, clothes and cars then he has done his job. So if the father is in church he must be getting the Word in order to impact his family.

The fathers focus must be on salvation and not skirts; His focus must be on maturity and not Motel 6; His focus must be on grace and not greed.

But in this culture today the family is in a hostile environment. The enemy is the direct result of a hostle environment, and the primary purpose is to make the Family feel uncomfortable wherever the hostility might be taking place.

Have you ever been in a place where you are made to feel unwelcome? One of the Bible characters who experienced hostility was David. After the invasion of Ziklag by the Amlalekites, the people needed someone to shift the blame on; and David was the scapegoat, "for the people spoke of stoning him." David however did not dwell on the problem. Instead, he first of all, "encouraged himself in the Lord his God."; then he sought the Lord for direction" and thirdly, he followed God’s direction.

When your family is in trouble dont wallow in defeat; dont try to shift the blame on other family members, just do what David did.

1. Encourage your family in the Lord

2. Seek God’s direction for your family

3. Then follow that direction.

The break up of families is perhaps the most dangerous of the enemy’s strategy. He has managed to redefine the word to contradict God. Men are now getting married to each other, as well as adopting children. Therefore women are doing the same thing.

The rate of divorce is climbing up, and even Christian homes have also been invaded. The lack of men in most churches is creating jealousy and insecurity in many Christian homes, which in many cases have resulted in separation and divorce.

Family problems range in different degrees; some arise when God’s chain of command for the family is broken. Nowadays, the domineering spirit, which is the spirit of Jezebel, is invading families and more domineering personalities are surfacing in many wives. Whenever the husband fails to be the "head" as commanded by the Lord, such as providing for the family, problems often develop.

There are three quick points that I want to leave you with that I truly believe will strenghten the family and allow it to be God chosen institution for humanity.

I. The Family must have POWER

Acts 1:8 says, "But ye shall recieve power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you"

First you will have "dunamis" power, which is is explosive power given then we might go out and conquer the world for Jesus Christ.

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