Summary: Week 31 in a Wednesday eveniing study through the book of Revelation

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“The Beast from the Sea”

Date: March 5, 2003

Place: Allendale Baptist Church

Text: Revelation 13:1-10


Seven people or characters are introduced to us by the 7th trumpet; 5 whom we have met in chapter 12: the woman- the nation of Israel; the red dragon-Satan; the child of the woman- Christ; Michael the archangel; and the remnant of Israel-the 144,000.

It is interesting the way the books of the Bible are divided. In the original manuscripts we do not see lines verses and chapters.

They are not divinely divided.

But it is interesting that the number 12 refers to the nation of Israel.

13 refers to rebellion

We noticed in chapter 12 after Satan was thrown from heaven, the attack on the nation of Israel.

Tonight we will see and discuss the very embodiment of the devil himself. We will look at the revealing of the true identity of the Anti-Christ.

Some say that this Anti-Christ is only a symbol of a rebellious world system. Some say he is not an actual person.

I find it hard to believe as we will see in Revelation 19, to cast something that is not an actual person into an actual hell.

The Anti-Christ will be Satan’s ultimate weapon.

Some ask will this be an actual man. Yes it will be.

Then some will ask why will Satan embody a man? Because the devil is a Spirit.

This Anti-Christ we will look at according to Daniel 8:23 will be an intellectual genius. In Daniel 11:36 he is described as an Oratorical genius. We will see later as we study in Revelation 17 he will be a political and commercial genius.

Turn and read 1 John 2:18.

Some say there have been many Antichrists, which is true but this is spoken of all throughout the OT & NT.

This is not some new idea John is speaking about.

So let’s begin

Verse 1

“Then I stood”

Most manuscripts read “He stood” referring again to the dragon, or Satan.

He takes a position in the midst of the nations of his worlds, represented by the sand of the sea.

“A beast”

This literally means a monster, which describes a vicious, killing animal. In the context, the term represents both a person, the Antichrist, and his system, the world.

“The sea”

Many say this is referring to the abyss or the pit.

I believe throughout scripture the sea represents the humanity or the nations.

Again, some think this will be another demon that will be used as and serve as the antichrist.

But as I said earlier this will be an actual person that Satan will indwell and empower.

“Seven heads and tem horns”

This description is like that in chapter 12:3.

The heads represent successive world powers and empires that have ruled over the nation of Israel. 1. Egypt; 2. Assyria; 3. Babylon; 4. Medo-Persia; 5. Greece; 6. Rome and last the renewed, revived Roman empire. The one dominate empire that the antichrist will rule.

Ten is a number that symbolizes the totality of human military and political power assisting the beast as he controls the world.


Horns always represent power, as in the animal kingdom both offensive power to attack and defensive power for protection.

Daniel 17:16-24 shows how the human antichrist will rise up from the 10 kings.

John picks up on this numerical imagery in Daniel 2:41-42 which refers to the 10 toes on the statute’s clay and iron feet.

The apostle John sees the beast as the final world government- the anti-Christ, anti-God- headed by a revived Roman Empire, having the strengths of various world powers, yet mixed with weakness and ultimately crushed.


This shows the royal, regal dominion of this confederate kingdom.

“Blasphemous name”

All throughout history each time a world power or monarch has identified himself as a god, he has blasphemed the one true God.

Verse 2


This term is a metaphor for ancient Greece, speaking of Greece’s swiftness and agility as their military moved forward in conquest.

Historians tell us that Alexander the Great conquered the known world within 12 years.

This is in reference to Daniel’s vision in 7:6


This is a metaphor for the ancient Medo-Persian Empire, depicting that kingdom’s ferocious strength, combined with great stability.

This is in reference to Daniel 7:5.


A metaphor for the ancient Babylonian Empire, referring to the Babylonian’s fierce, all-consuming power.

As we reference this to Daniel’s vision in chapter 7, Daniel is looking forward into history and John is looking back into history.

Verse 3

“His deadly wound was healed”

Many have turned this verse around and distorted it for years.

Some say this is speaking of the restoration of some dead dictator or political person that died from a head wound.

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