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Summary: A great legacy begins with a simple man.


Nehemiah 1:1-11

I. Replace Indifference With Genuine Compassion (1-4)

A. Connected to a Disobedient People

1. Jews of the captivity

2. Captivity came from disobedience

B. Connected to a Present Disgrace

1. Reproach

2. Undefended

C. Concerned about the Situation

II. Replace Ignorance With Genuine Confession (5-7)

A. Appeal to God

1. Rejoicing in God’s power

2. Reminder of God’s promise

B. Admission of Guilt

1. Identification with sin

2. Enumeration of specific sins

III. Replace Inaction With Genuine Commitment (8-11)

A. Prayer to God

1. Reminder of God’s promise

2. Leviticus 26

B. Participation of Others

1. ‘Thy servants’ – vs. 10

2. ‘Prayer of thy servants’ – plural

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