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Summary: One of, if not the greatest movements in all of history, is the Jesus movement which began with a simple word, COME. Every great movement starts with a cause, an invitation to come, and someone who is willing to take the first step...

The Beginnings of a Movement

What are some of the great movements that have shaped history? Answers…

I. Great Movements always Involve a Cause

• There was a cause (right/wrong). There was an injustice. There was a need that became someone’s cause. (someone saw something that needed to be dealt with – someone was willing to do whatever it took to take care of the problem)

• The need is always greater than one person. The resolution always takes longer than you imagine. You may never see the results of your action.

Nehemiah 2:1-5 is one of my favorites. He saw a need & did something about it.

Is there a need, an injustice, a cause that stirs in your heart? Write three down…

Now: One of, if not the greatest movements in all of history, is the one that turned the world upside down – and continues to shape our world today. It was the Jesus movement. I’m talking about the one that began with a simple word, COME.

II. Great Movements begin with an Invitation to Come

John 1:35-50 NLT – Jesus begins His movement with a simple call, “Come”.

Vs. 35-36 John declares that Jesus is the Lamb of God

Vs. 37 John’s two disciples turn to follow Jesus

Vs. 38 Jesus says, “What do you want?” Disciples say, “Where are you staying?”

Vs. 39 Jesus’ movement begins with these words, “Come and See”

Vs. 40-41 Andrew’s confession – immediately shares what he knows with his brother.

Vs. 42 Jesus calls out Simon – Peter (Did Jesus ask Peter to come?)

Vs. 43 Jesus invites Philip to, “Come be my disciple”

Vs. 44 Philip shares with Nathanael – “Just come see for yourself!”

Vs. 45-49 Nathanael’s confession

Vs. 50-51 Jesus tells them, “You ain’t seen nuttin yet!”

Here is the beginning of Jesus’ Movement. It was here that these men were introduced to Savior of the world. It was here that these men began hands on training that would bring about a religious revolution – absolutely turning the world upside-down. Jesus’ disciples would spend the next 3 ½ years preparing for their mission.

After Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead – He spent a short time with the disciples. He instructed them in their mission and empowered them to launch. (Acts 1:8) In essence, Jesus’ Movement was about to kick into gear.

Look at Acts 2:1-41 – Walk it through… These men, when the Holy Spirit came upon them rocked the world. In one setting, over 3000 souls were added to the church. And they got busy! Think about all the lives that were transformed and from then on they began to change their culture. Whoo! Anyone want to see a day like that again? Why don’t we see things like this today? Is there not a cause? Is there not a need? Does the Gospel have the ability to change lives? Has it changed yours?

Folks, somewhere along the way (over the last 2000 years) the movement of Jesus Christ became civilized Christianity. Somehow we have created a religious culture that has exchanged the transforming power of Christ for the comfort, safety, and security of “Being Saved, Sanctified, and Set-Apart”.

Folks, I wonder if we need to rediscover our Mission! Maybe it’s time for us to step back to the beginning of the movement and simply respond to Jesus call, “Come”! Listen, Jesus wants us to surrender our lives to Him and follow Him into the unknown. The truth is, we have become so civilized that the benefits of our faith have become more precious and more valuable to us than the one who paid for those same benefits with His life!

God’s will for us is less about our comfort than it is about our contribution. We were created to have a life that counts, not so we can count the days of our life – Folks, are you interested in “Turning the World upside-down?” Or are you counting the number of heartbeats you have left before you can go home to glory? (Heartbeat Philosophy)

Jesus’ death wasn’t to free us from dying, but to free us from the fear of death. Jesus came to liberate us so that we could die up front and then live. Jesus wants to take us to places where only dead men and women can go. Are you ready to “Follow Him”

• Every great movement begins with a cause

• Every great movement begins with an invitation to come

III. Great Movements begin when someone is willing to Take the First Step.

Listen: God is inviting you to something greater than your self. God has invited you to be His representative to this world… God is laying out His invitation to something extraordinary! The Risk is worth it.

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