Summary: A message on how why the bible is believable and proven.

In the bible in 2 Peter 1:16 we hear “For we have not followed cunningly devised fabled when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of His majesty.”

Never before has there been so many who question God. Not only do they question the word of God, but the existence of Him as well. Now I won’t deal with this subject of the existence of God except to say that in order to not believe there is a God you must first take leave of your senses! Because the simple fact that creation itself is here and the known physical world revolves on cause and effect we know there MUST be a God!

But there is a more subtle thought in the world than this. Many people may not be ignorant of the existence of a God, but they are deceived as to who God is and what His word is! We see people say “I believe in God, just not the God of the bible.” Or I believe in God and the bible, but I don’t think you can trust the bible.” There is a common reason for this type of deception. It is because people believe in a God they imagine themselves and make up rather than the shown God of the bible! People believe a fable such as humpty dumpty. We as Christians do not!

Now we believe in the one true God of the bible. We believe it because of the word of God given to us in the form of the bible! We know it to be true and alive, but the world does not because they have not applied it to their lives! They say “It’s a story written by men and not by God.” Then we hear people talk about how many times it has been translated and they say “The translators couldn’t keep it together.” The list goes on.

But today I want to show you exactly why you can trust the bible. Now you can CHOSE to ignore all of this, but refusing to acknowledge the truth doesn’t make you right. I hope to maybe put an end to doubts over Gods word and to show that God truly is the God of the bible! It’s important to know too because you will be judged by the doctrines and words in the bible!

These are some of the reasons to believe the bible is the word of God and is true: For one, it was written by eyewitnesses. Another reason is that all of the stories match up! And finally because it has never been wrong.

Lets look first again to this passage of scripture. Peter said they were eyewitnesses! This man Peter walked with Jesus. The things he speaks of are things he has seen himself. Just as every book in the bible has been written by those people who lived in the times of the things they wrote of.

Each one witnessed these things themselves. As far back as geneses we find the writings of not just Moses but every eyewitness to the stories contained in the book! If you look at it you can find contained in it who the authors were. I personally believe God wrote the first part then handed the pen over to men.

Many of the books have been given the name of the author to make it easier to understand who wrote it! And we can find a pattern in these books. Joshua was there when the walls of Jericho fell. David was there when he wrote many of the psalms. Samuel was there anointing the kings. And Daniel was there telling of the kingdoms to come and being thrown into a den of lions YET HE LIVED! Ruth was eyewitness to the redemptive act done on her by Boaz. Even Matthew, Mark, Luke and John walked with Jesus. All of these people were eyewitnesses! Even in the history of the historians you can find proofs as to if they lived in these times and where they were.

In fact the bible even has much of the new testament written by a man who became a Christian after Jesus had been crucified and resurrected. His name was Paul. He was an eyewitness to how life is now that Jesus gave His life for us! All these have given testimonies as to what happened in their lives. Even today Christians are eyewitnesses to the power of God who saves us.

But that is only the beginning! The bible was written by eyewitnesses, but the remarkable thing is that it was written by eyewitnesses who lived hundreds of years apart yet testified of the same things! Every book in the bible is an exact fit to each other! 2 Peter 1:19 tells us not only can we be sure because of eyewitness accounts, but we can have even more assurance in that each account matches! “We have also a more sure word of prophecy.” and reading down to verse 20 we see why we can be more sure, “no prophecy of scripture is of any private interpretation.” Meaning you can’t take any one scripture alone, they all connect!

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