Summary: When we think of something precious, we think of something that is to be cherished and watched jealously. As believers, there are some things which we possess that are truly precious.

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Intro: When we think of something precious, we think of something that is to be cherished and watched jealously. (Give examples) As believers, there are some things which we possess that are truly precious. All the material wealth that we esteem will one day perish. All the people we count to be so precious will also perish from earth. However, God gave us some very precious things that will never perish or be taken away from us. Notice –


A. When we look at the trials in life we think that our lives are miserable. Yet, Peter tells us that trials have a way of helping us. Peter refers to the gold refining process. When our faith is put to the test, it has the good effect of removing impurities from our lives. It is the trials of life that will bring us closer to the Lord.

B. In the valleys of life, we are reminded of several great truths that we often forget when life is so much easier. We are reminded that – Jesus is always with us; that something better is waiting in the end; that our trials are helping us grow in the Lord; that even when times are often bad, God is still good!

C. Yes, the trials and valleys of life are not fun at all. We would all rather be spared having to go through them. But when we have gone through the valley and come out on the other side, we will know the Lord better than we could have otherwise. We will be stronger in the faith than we ever could have been!

D. The disciples would have never known that Jesus could walk on water if there hadn’t been a storm. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would not know that God can come to their aid if there hadn’t been a fiery furnace. Noah would have never known that God could keep him safe in the ark if there had never been a flood. Mary and Martha would have never known that Jesus could raise the dead if Lazarus hadn’t died. The valleys of life can show us a perspective of God that we could never see otherwise.


A. Peter tells us that the Blood of Christ is a precious substance. He means that it is something that is of great price and is to be held in honor and great esteem.

B. What is it about the blood of Jesus that makes it so special? Because – it is the price of redemption; the proof of God’s love for us; It is the only known substance that can cleanse away our sins.


A. Peter now moves on to tell us that Jesus Himself is precious. The word used here refers to a thing of great value. Peter is telling us that Jesus is valuable to those who believe Him. In fact, His value to us is beyond all human comprehension.

B. Jesus is very precious to the saints of God because – (1) He loves us; (2) He cares about us; (3) Understands our needs; (4) Always near to help us; (5) Paid the ultimate price to save us; (6) He didn’t turn us away but saved us by His amazing grace.


A. Peter tells us that our faith – the Christian faith is precious. Many of us often hear about the cross, the blood, heaven, and the plan of salvation through Christ. Yet we do often fail to realize how special our Christian beliefs truly are. There is only one and only one means of salvation and we have it now already!

B. Our faith is precious because: It is – (1) Complete and free; (2) Open to all; (3) Totally the work of God; (4) fail-safe eternally.

C. Considering the precious nature of our faith, we should never be guilty of taking it for granted, but promote it and protect it against the evil heresies of our day. We are called intolerant and narrow-minded but according to the Bible, we are totally right!


A. It has been said that there are over 7,000 promises in the Bible. Every promise God ever made, He will bring to pass!

B. Peter tells us that God’s many promises to us are precious. There is the promise of His Love (Jer. 31:3); His Provision (Phil. 4:19); His Grace (II Cor. 12:9); His Peace (John 14:27); His Presence (Heb. 13:5); His Heaven (John 14:1-3), etc.

C. In this world in which we live, there are very few things that we can hold on to. People change and their promises fail, but the promises of God shall never fail! That makes them very precious and valuable to all the children of God!

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