Summary: In life everyone seeks benefits. The Psalmist in our text, revealed that God’s benefits are so great until it moved him to ask himself; "What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?"

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Introduction: In the job market, everyone is concerned about benefits. We select careers predicated on the benefits that are available. In the words of our text, David asked a tremendous question;"What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?" The question is based on believer’s reflection of the unlimitedness of Divine goodness. How often do you review your benefit package as a servant of God? To that end the Psalmist list several benefits of serving the Lord:

I. The Reason. (Real praise and gratitude are born of a loving heart.)

In verse 1,

A. The psalmist loved the lord.

II. The Reflection and Remembrance. (The Psalmist Remembers and reflects upon his benefit package.)The praise worship is energized when the believer constantly reviews his benefit package. At the heart of worship is reflection and remembrance. When each soul remembers God’s goodness, earthly worship would become more like the heavenly experience. Let us consider the many benefits of serving the Lord.

1. In verse 1,

A. God heard his Voice.

B. God heard his supplication.

2. In verse 2,

A. God’s inclined ear.

3. In verse 3-4,

A. God’s availability.

B. God’s delivering powers.

4. In verse 5,

A. God’s graciousness.

B. God’s righteouness.

C. God’s mercifulness

5. In verse 6,

A. God’s preservation.

B. God’s help.

6. In verse 7,

A. God’s bountifulness.

7. In verse 8,

A. God delivers the soul from death.

B. God delivers the eyes from tears.

C. God keeps our feet from falling.

III. The Response. (He Responds to God’s wonderful benefits)

A. The question. (What shall I render?)

B. The cup.(Cup of salvation)(Jesus

drank from the cup of sorrow and


C. The prayer.

D. The vows.

E. The servant. (He rejoices as God’s


F. The public wittness. (He shares

God’s undeserved benefits in the

presence of all the people.

Conclusion: The greatest benefits in life are those that come from the goodness of God. Don’t wait until November to thank Him for His benefits. The world offers all sorts of temporary benefits but only God’s package includes eternal life.

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