Summary: Jesus declared himself to be the Bread of Life after encountering people with the wrong motives.

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Halloween is over and it is time for Christmas. If you do not believe me, go into your local Wal-Mart. The day after Halloween all the remaining candy and costumes were thrown into a buggy to be reduced and sold. Over night, the shelves were filled with Christmas decorations. In fact, in mid-October you could find lit artificial Christmas trees for sale already. I think it takes away from the excitement of the holiday by starting so early. In addition, Thanksgiving does not seem to be a big deal anymore.

Of course, Christmas is the celebration of our Lord Jesus. We celebrate his birth at Christmas. Nevertheless, since the holiday atmosphere has begun already I thought we should join in and begin our Christmas celebration.

Jesus came into this world for a variety of reasons. He came to die on the cross and deliver us from our sins. He gave his life that we might have eternal life. We all know that. However, He also came for many other reasons. The Bible is filled with the reasons that He came. Another reason He came was to reveal himself to the people of this world; both the ones that existed when He walked the earth and those to come. With Christmas actually seven weeks away we will discover the seven “I ams” declared by Jesus.

The first “I am” is found in John 6:35. Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.

To understand this declaration of “I am” we must travel back into time to a place in the desert at the base on Mount Sinai. A shepherd named Moses is watching over his father-in-laws sheep. He spots a bush that is on fire but is not being consumed. Out of curiosity, he approaches it and a voice from the bush calls his name. Moses answers and begins to get instructions that he is to go deliver God’s people from the oppression they are suffering in Egypt. Moses asks, “Who did I say sent me?”

God replies “I Am Who I Am. Say this to the people of Israel: I Am has sent me to you.” The Hebrew word is “haya”. (hay-yaw) It meant existing, being. God says tell them the one, who exists, who has always existed, and will forever more exist has sent you. The only one who can fulfill this role has sent you. Now back to the Book of John, Chapter 6.

Jesus and his disciples were sitting on the mountain near the Sea of Galilee when He noticed a large crowd coming toward them. The Passover festival was near so many of these folks were travelers and had limited provisions. Jesus knew they would need to be fed. The disciple Andrew found a young boy with five barley loaves and two fish. Jesus had the crowd, about five thousand in all, to sit down. Then He gave thanks for the food and distributed it to the crowd. They ate until they were about to burst. No one went away hungry.

However, the next morning they discovered they were hungry again. Only Jesus was nowhere to be found. They deduced that He had crossed over the lake and went to Capernaum. Therefore, they got into boats and went seeking him. And they found him.

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