Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Using the analogy of the process of human existence as a party this sermon follows the ups and downs from creation to wedding supper of the Lamb

S121701 The best Christmas party Revelation 18:5-9

A short story by

Scotty Killingsworth

We joined the party on the sixth day of creation. It was indescribable.

There was an explosion of treats that had never been tasted before. The decorations used every color that the eye could see and were lavishly and artfully displayed. The music was the symphony of creation. The morning stars were singing together, and the trees were clapping their hands for joy. All creation joined the majestic chorus of joy and praise to the Creator for such a party as this.

No one knows for sure how long the party lasted. You know how time passes when your having fun. The passing of time in a perfect situation is relative and one day seems like a thousand years and a thousand years pass as one day. However long it lasted you can be sure of one thing—it was grand—it was extravagant. Nature was at peace as the Lion and the Lamb danced together. Little children played with wasps and bees as we play now with fireflies. Nature missed no opportunity to produce treats for all of the human senses. There were lemonade springs and the bubble gum trees and soda water fountains free for all to enjoy.

The party would still be in full swing if some fool had not broken the universal party rule. The universal party rule is—you trust the host. By trusting the host it means you don’t make up your own rules. The universal party rule says you enjoy only the treats the host gives you. The host is infinitely wise and knows intimately those who attend his party. If the universal party rules are followed the party will last for forever. The eternal host alone is wise enough to make the universal party rules. All that was asked of the people at the party was to obey the universal party rule. It doesn’t really matter whether or not they understand the rational behind this rule. All the party attendees have to do is trust the host to know best.

We don’t know how long the party lasted, but here is how it ended. As things were in full swing a woman began to wonder why a certain party treat, she discovered growing on a tree in the very center of the party place, was not on the list of party treats. It was on the list of forbidden treats. It made her a little angry. Was The Eternal Host saving it for Himself? Was He keeping something from his guests that would make the party even more fun?

Another of the beings at the party encouraged her doubts. “He’s got his nerve”, the serpent said to the woman. “I think He is waiting until we leave so he can eat it all by himself”. As the woman and the serpent discussed the hosts’ audacity the woman came to a tragic decision. She decided to break the rules and not trust The Eternal Host. She took the treat to her husband and together they ate it.

With one bite the party ended abruptly. One taste of the treat stopped the music as if someone had tripped over the cord and unplugged some universal boom box. The heavenly music of creation was replaced by a seismic groan. The morning stars sang together no longer. The trees clapped their hands for joy never again. The lions began to attack, kill and eat the lambs. Wasps and Bee’s became angry and started stinging. Treats and flowers were choked out by ugly poison ivy, and the beautiful roses grew knobby protuberances, which developed into thorns. The lemonade springs and soda water fountains dried up and the bubble gum trees became blighted. The light of creation, which revealed all the colors of the spectrum, went out and the guests ran from the party place. When the lights went out the people at the party were banned from ever returning. The fat lady stood up and sang, someone poured the coffee on the fire and the party was over.

After the party ended things went horribly wrong. There was violence all over the earth. The thoughts of man were of evil continuously. Mankind put our best minds to work on a project to take back the party. We invented religions we hoped would change God’s mind about how He banned us from the party. We sacrificed our enemies and even our children hoping God would see how desperately we were to get back to the party. One time a powerful man made his subjects build a huge pyramid-like structure that would reach up to heaven. This man, Nimrod was his name, climbed to the top of the ziggurat and shot an arrow up into heaven hoping to kill the host. He was really stupid. The arrow fell to earth with no blood of God on it. He had not killed God. Nimrod had just wasted his effort. He had just found out how impossible it is to reenter the party by human effort.

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