Summary: Abraham finally came into agreement with God and discovered that there are some places lot can’t go. And there are places we can’t go with lot.

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God informs Abram of his plan to bless him and make him a blessing.

*God has also informed us of his desire to bless us*

God begins to lay down the conditions for Abram to become this blessed man of purpose and promise.

1. He must leave his country and kindred = relatives, and his fathers house.

2. He must follow with no knowledge of where he is going.

Abram was surrounded by an ungodly system of idolatry.

God was calling Abram out of that Polytheistic system of many gods.

(they worshiped many different gods).

God will never be satisfied to be among the god’s of your life.

Those who would follow God must follow the example of Abram and renounce and dethrone every rival and crown Christ alone as Lord and God.

Many of Gods people today are trying to serve God as one of many.

You want God but you worship your career, or your boat, your house, your TV.

You’re trying to fit God into a comfortable time slot, where he is in your life but he doesn’t inconvenience you.

People worship all kinds of gods.

There are those who worship the god of convenience, every year millions of unborn babies are slain on the altar of pro choice, offered up to the god of convenience.

People worship the god of materialism, = (money, wealth)

and the god of popular opinion, the god of personal fitness, = (creature worship)

And they worship the god of recreation. (Sunday after Sunday multitudes of people worship the god of recreation, kneeling at the altar of boating, and skiing, and picnicking, and fishing) while The altar of the one true God is left empty and alone.

Like Nebuchadnezzar who designed and set up his own image to be worshipped as god, Multitudes of people in our churches have done the same thing.

(they have designed in their imagination the kind of God that they want, and they worship the God of their own creation, and call it the God of heaven.

Their God puts sports above the work of God, he doesn’t mind if they gamble all night Saturday as long as they’re in church on Sunday and pay their tithes.

Their god never chastises or disciplines them; he never hurts their pride or requires humility or submission.

And best of all, Their god doesn’t interfere with their lives, he just sits up on a shelf waiting for them to have a problem, so they can pull him down and rub his belly like a magic lantern, then when everything is back to normal they just put him back up on a shelf till the next time they have a problem.

God called Abram to come out of a hostile environment, (not necessarily hostile to Abram, but to the call and the operation of God’s spirit in his life.

Some of you are in environments right now that are hostile to the anointing of God that is on your life, Every time you get around certain people they leave you feeling drained, dry and empty.

Every time you get around them, they drag you into some fleshly arena that weakens your anointing.

You need to learn the lesson Abram learned: The wrong people in your life can keep you from your destiny.

Many of Gods people will miss their destiny because they allow the wrong people access to their lives.

*Every preacher shouldn’t have the right to speak into your life.

*Just because some one calls themselves a prophet doesn’t give them the right to speak into your life.

*Every brother don’t want you blessed

Examples: Davids brother who criticized him for coming to the battle front.

And Josephs brothers who betrayed him, threw him into a pit and sold him into slavery.

Some of the greatest enemies to your destiny are sitting close to you in church.

Example: The Israelites allowed 10 of their (fellow brethren) to talk them out of their destiny.

It wasn’t the devil, it wasn’t even their enemies, (It was their friends)

Every body in the church is not ready to press in and cross over the Jordan and take possession of their promise land and those who will not cross over will do their best to keep you out too.

God told Abram: I’m going to bless you and make your name great and make of you a great nation.

And that all the nations of the earth would be blessed in him.

What God didn’t tell Abram was what he was going to have to go through before that promise became experience.

Some of you today are going through things that are absolutely contradictory to your promises.

You have a prophetic word, (prophecies that you know are from God, but every natural evidence says it’s never going to happen)

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Steven Hotinger

commented on Jul 1, 2011

Wow! what a word from God. Especially the part about people that drag you down.

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