Summary: The fourth message in The Song of Heaven series explores Luke 2:1-32 and "The Birth of the Savior."

The Birth of the Savior • Luke 2:1-32 • Dec 19-20

Lo, in the silent night / A Child to God is born

And all is brought again / That ere was lost or lorn.

Could but thy soul, O man, / Become a silent night!

God would be born in thee / And set all things aright. 15th Century

Illustration: Christmas Movies… most have a redemptive component


I. It is a PROPHETIC birth. (vv 1-7)

1. Prophecy of SON (Is 7:14)

2. Prophecy of SCEPTER (Num 24:17)

3. Prophecy of SERVANT (Is 42:1-4)

Truth is people often times find in Jesus what they want to find. BUT the BIBLE is clear about WHO He is and WHAT He came to accomplish. Many have missed Him! Looking for one thing but God worked in a different way than expected, as He often does.

Key Thought: God’s SELECTIONS are always sovereign and sure, so be SENSITIVE.

II. It is a PROCLAIMED birth. (vv 8-20)

Proclaimed → Prophets… Zechariah/Elizabeth… Mary… Joseph… Shepherds… Magi

God doesn’t communicate His will in isolation. Sensitivity to the Spirit’s voice is essential in our lives. We are more in tune with human ideas than with the Spirit’s insight/influence

Appropriate Responses to God’s Proclamation

1. Personal Ownership – I have a role to play in MSG of Messiah

2. Passionate Obedience – I am excited about my role

What if prophets had remained silent w/o ownership & obedience?

Key Thought: God’s PROCLAMATIONS are usually sudden and surprising, so be READY.

III. It is a PROFOUND birth. (vv. 20-32)

1. Profound SUSPENSE – HOW! will Messiah come? How will God accomplish this great plan?

2. Profound SIMPLICITY – WOW! This is it! I stand amazed in the presence…

3. Profound SALVATION – NOW! Proph of Simeon

Key Thought: God’s SOLUTIONS are often strange and simple, so be OPEN.

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