Summary: Many people try to use different excuses or justifications why they cannot serve the Lord the way they should. They blame the church, they blame their family, they blame their husband or wife... They insist on holding on to a victim mentality...

The Blaming Game Ro.12:1-2 Church of God of Prophecy Sacramento, Ca. 11-14-2013

Many people try to use different excuses or justifications why they cannot serve the Lord the way they should. They blame the church, they blame their family, they blame their husband or wife. Many youth of today use the excuse that they are victims of a broken home, or dysfunctional family.

This may be where we are from, or the way we are raised, But now we have to leave the blaming game behind us, and recognize that Christ came to bring me victory in my life.

But if we don’t Think Right----we won’t Live Right! Mind of Christ… 1Cor.2:16

(Philippians 2: 5 “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”)

There several young people in the Bible that have gotten the victory over hard circumstances the same type that we suffer today…


His father was an unbeliever, idolater, a Greek who worshipped other gods

His mother and grandmother were the only two Christians of his household.

This did not stop Tim. From seeking out that which was right…

He later became the CHRISTIAN LEADER and pastor of the CHURCH of Ephesus

He believed that God was on his side because he looked to the example of grandma, and mom. And although he did not have a believing dad, He saw a spiritual dad in Paul and followed that instruction…

Call to remembrance and stir up the gift (6) Remind Yourself often of the Lord’s Promise to Make a Way When There Seems To be No Way.

-He made a way for Daniel in the Lions Den.

-He made a way for the 3 Hebrew Children.

-God is aware of your Situation.

-And He Can Make A Way!

The Lord doesn’t need a Reminder, but you do! In reminding God of His Promises, you are simply reinforcing these Truths to Yourself.

Replace Negative Thoughts With The Truths of God’s Word.

I said, “If you Think Wrong, you can’t Live Right.” If you don’t Think like Christ you will never be able to Walk like Christ walked. But you have to do this!

When an Obstacle Arises, State Boldly, “If God be for me, who can be against me?” (Rms. 8: 31)

Believe That God Is On Your Side!

The reason that David wasn’t afraid to face Goliath, no matter how big & powerful that he was, is because David knew something that Goliath didn’t know!

-He knew that God was on “His Side”.

-He knew that he couldn’t Lose with God! -This is the reason why he wasn’t Afraid.

He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER (7)

1Tim 4:12-16 “Let no one look down upon your youthfulness"

Three reasons why you should not be looking down upon your youthfulness

Jer. 1:4-10 Don’t say I am just a youth because:

1. God has given you a Divine purpose. (vs.5)

As God has given Jeremiah a divine purpose for his time and generation, I believed that God has given this generation of youth His divine purpose.

Young people do you see yourself as one with a divine purpose given by God?

- God uses young people and you do not need to look down upon yourselves.

- David was used by God to slay Goliath when his was a youth.

- Joseph was used by God as a young man in the saving of an entire nation.

- Young men and young women do not despise your youth, do not say I am just a youth, because You have a divine purpose given by God! But for this purpose to come about we must do our part we must seek to find, ask to receive, and knock for the door to open… (Mat.7:7)

If you loose the battle in your thoughts, or mind,. You will always be thinking of yourself as a victim.

Eccl.12:1 Remember they creator in the days of thy youth… VIDEO OF MAN IN A HOLE

Many youth find themselves in a hole of despair, in a cycle of discouragement but…

How Do You Think About God?

-Do you see Him as someone Impossible to Please?

-Do you see Him as a Task Master? Egypt and slaves

-Or do you see Him as a God or Mercy & Grace?

-Do you see that He Really Loves you........ Who is willing to go down in the pit and set you upon himself, and carry you out even when you have no strength to help yourself?

If you see God in this Manner, then you are going to want to Spend Time in Prayer & in His Word. Because you realize that He Satisfies.

2. God has given you Divine Support (vs.8)

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