Summary: Ever wonder what that really is - and worried you might have done it? Let’s spread some truth into this very misunderstood idea from Matthew 12:22-32

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The Blaspheme of the Holy Spirit is among the most feared and least understood concepts in the Bible. For many people they think if they accidently say something bad about the Holy Spirit God will damn them to hell for eternity with no possibility of repentance. Well, it’s not that easy. Today we’re going to look at just 11 verses that talk about this subject and hopefully shed some light and truth and take away some fear!

Let’s answer some questions about this: 1) What is it? 2) Can I accidently do this? 3) If I think I’ve done it, what now?

22 – 32

There are several really important things happening here. First, both the Pharisees and Jesus acknowledged the existence of demons. We should not ignore the fact that Satan’s minions are alive and well and active in our world. They may not be as active on the surface as they were at that time, but they are around.

The Pharisees could not deny the miracle, but they had to attribute it to some power other than God or they would have to admit Jesus was from God. The only thing left to them was to attribute it to Satan. This is a case of denying the truth in the face of the facts!

The fact that the Pharisees would attribute the power of God in Jesus Christ casting out this demon represents a heart attitude that finds no forgiveness. They are mistaken in their logic. If Jesus was in league with Satan why would he stop a demon from having power over an individual—it just doesn’t make sense.

Pharisees also did exorcisms. Some were frauds, some were effective. But they would have to also claim that their colleagues were also in league with Satan.

Then He says “if it isn’t Satan then its God and you’ve got to deal with that.” There are only two kingdoms you can belong to. By default we belong to Satan’s kingdom and will go where he goes. But we can belong to God’s kingdom. The only way to do that is to cling to Jesus. There is no neutrality here—that’s why Jesus says “if you aren’t with me you are against me.”

In verse 29 the “house” is the world where Satan has created evil, death, and destruction using the demons, which are Satan’s agents. The goods are us, which Satan holds to himself. Jesus came and “bound” Satan (the strong man). His purpose is to rescue people from bondage. It is ludicrous to think that he would actually be in league with him.

So then Jesus goes on to talk about how things really are. That all sin and blaspheme can be forgiven in Jesus. There is only one thing that cannot be forgiven, and that is the steadfast refusal to believe that Jesus is the Son of God who came as the only way to enter God’s kingdom.

The Blaspheme of the Holy Spirit is not saying bad things about the Holy Spirit, or about Jesus (the messenger), it is rejecting the work of the Holy Spirit in Christ. It is steadfastly rejecting the power of God for salvation in Jesus. You could use the words “slander” or “revile”. It is saying things that are not true—in this case, from such a hard heart that you ascribe the power of God to Satan.

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Val Danylenko

commented on Dec 16, 2014

When I was about 8 (or 10) years old, I experimented with what would God do to me if I call Him (or Holy Spirit) some bad word. Really regretting it now.

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