Summary: Crisis drives us to God in prayer. The nation sought God with one heart, trusted Him and obeyed His instruction, and they saw the miracle of God.

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[Read 20:1-4]

Israel has been divided into the Northern and Southern kingdoms.

• The Southern Kingdom is JUDAH, and King Jehoshaphat was the 4th king.

• The Moabites, Ammonites and Meunites joined forces to make war against him.

• The King was afraid; and rightly so, for the army approaching him was indeed a huge one, beyond what he would be able to handle. He was in trouble.

His first response was not to organise the army but to pray. When in fear, pray.

• v. 3 he “resolved to inquire of the Lord…” A trouble draws us closer to God, not further away.

• People pray when disasters struck because they saw their own helplessness.

• Look at troubles in this way. God is reminding us that we need His help. He wants us to lean on Him.

This was a good leader. A good leader doesn’t always have the answer but he knows where the answer can be found.

The King RESOLVED to seek God. This is a strong word.

• He was determined to pray and seek God. He was determined to get the whole nation to pray and seek God, and so he declared a fast, a nationwide fast.

• People say if you have the will, you’ll have the way.

• You see, seeking God requires a commitment. You must resolve to seek God today.

SINGAPORE�S Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew is a man with determination.

Taken from “Stay Interested in the World, Take on a Challenge”, in The Straits Times, Mon, Jan 14, 2008.

When I was about - 1957 that was - I was about 34, we were competing in elections, and I was really fond of drinking beer and smoking.

And after the election campaign, in Victoria Memorial Hall - we had won the election, the City Council election - I couldn�t thank the voters because I had lost my voice. I�d been smoking furiously.

I�d take a packet of 10 to deceive myself, but I�d run through the packet just sitting on the stage, watching the crowd, getting the feeling, the mood before I speak. In other words, there were three speeches a night. Three speeches a night, 30 cigarettes, a lot of beer after that, and the voice was gone.

I remember I had a case in Kuching, Sarawak. So I took the flight and I felt awful. I had to make up my mind whether I was going to be an effective campaigner and a lawyer, in which case I cannot destroy my voice, and I can�t go on. So I stopped smoking. It was a tremendous deprivation because I was addicted to it. And I used to wake up dreaming...the nightmare was I resumed smoking.

Then one day I was at the home of my colleague, Mr Rajaratnam, meeting foreign correspondents including some from the London Times and they took a picture of me and I had a big belly like that (puts his hands in front of his belly), a beer belly. I felt no, no, this will not do.

So I started playing more golf, hit hundreds of balls on the practice tee. But this didn�t go down. There was only one way it could go down: consume less, burn up more.

• Can we resolve to do what is right, with the same commitment, same determination?

• How determine are you in seeking God? How determine are you in worshipping God?

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