Summary: There is a blessing to have God as your protector. No one can guard you as He does. He guards you diligently, in your walk, and even in your sleep; He protects you and your dear ones; He watches over you continuously, day and night, entirely, body and sou



Illustration- In June 2010, my wife and I and another Pastor and his wife and three young adults travelled to Kenya for a two week Mission Trip. As I led this trip, I was praying each day and night that all will be well and safe. The team never travelled to Africa before and were all excited. But in my heart, I was somehow nervous because travelling nowadays is very scary. The journey was safe and all of us arrived safely in Nairobi. We met our host Pastors waiting for us and our transportation team ready to take us to the mission field. In my heart was the concern for the safety of the team and their health for the two weeks we were to stay over there. But, God proved to me that it is not me who was in charge of the team but Him. He guarded us and protected us tremendously. None of us was ever sick neither scratched by anything on our bodies. We all returned to the States well and healthy.

Transition- Do you realize this stair-like structure step by step the Holy Spirit takes us upward and he fills our hearts with joy as we read through this psalm. The lord not only protects our bodies and souls, but He is interested in our daily work, our daily activities.

Division Statement 1- When God is our guard, He protects us extensively: here and everywhere.

Explanation, Cultural, Historical- I remind you that this Psalm was to be sung in special occasions, in the possession of going up to Jerusalem for annual worship. Those men were far away from their homes; their concern was to spend few days in worship in Gods Temple and then to return home to continue their daily activities until the next time when they will make them not only when they will go out in their way, but in their next trip too. He will protect them in their walk, not just in religious duties, but in their domestic affairs too. The lord God will guard them as they travel, work, everywhere. It is good to know that the Lord is our guard not only in the worship place, but outside it too; He is our protector not only on Sunday, but on weekdays too.

Illustration, Personal, Familial- My ancestors were farmers and shepherds. Their task was both varied and arduous, demanding and dangerous. Not only did they have to protect their sheep from dangers, sickness, and wild beasts, they also had to be constantly on the search for good pastures and sufficient water. I remember when my grandfather taught me how to tend to the flocks. Every morning he took them out to the streams of water and then to good pastures. When the day was toward evening, he led them back to water and then to the stable. Every morning and every evening he counted them diligently and he rejoiced that he did not lose any of them.

Analogy- Just like that I imagine God lovingly guarding over us in the morning when we go out to our working places, all over the day, and in the evening we return home. We’ll never know how many dangers were surrounding us daily, but God protects us carefully.

Argumentation, Quotation- The lord can protect our going out and coming in just because He is God; He can watch over us countless and completely. He is not restricted in space. He can be in Jerusalem in His temple and, in the same time, He can watch over your family in Beer-Sheba, Hebron, Jericho. He can guard you here and everywhere-He is never absent. Even in the deep water, He is there, even in the depths of the earth, He is there. Is this not great joy? God of the universe is willing to guard you all the day long, everywhere you go.

Application, Exhortation- Today is Sunday; we rejoice in Gods presence here. Is He going home with us? Sure He is! Tomorrow we’ll start a new week. We’ll leave our beds early in the morning and we’ll return late in the afternoon. Our daily tasks will lead us in many places. Is He going to be with us to bring us safely home? Sure He is! But we are many; even in a home, the father goes in a direction, the mother in another direction, the kids will take other directions. Will God be with us all? Sure He will! Is that not marvelous? What a marvelous God we have!

Transition- Not the staircase is almost climbed. What else has the Psalm to say more than it has already said? Can there be something more exciting. O, yes, there is:

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