Summary: The first sermon in a new series on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians with a background from Ephesians 4:1 - The application of walking worthy of the calling!

First Baptist Church of Cresson

Sunday Morning - April 18th, 2004

Ephesians 1:1-14

Walking a Life Worthy of the Calling:

The Blessings of God


a. Background: Ephesians – 10th book of NT. Paul writes to Church @ Ephesus

i. He had founded during 3rd missionary Journey.

ii. Ephesus was the 4th largest city in the Roman Empire

iii. Writes during his Roman imprisonment.

b. Central Theme: Ephesians 4:1 - “I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called.”

c. ILLUS: ECA – Baseline Vitals -> Vital for Christians!

d. Invitation instructions. -> READ TEXT. (v. 1-2)

II. Blessings from the Fathter (v. 3-6)

a. EXPLAIN -> distinction – heavenly/earthly

i. Eternal God – chose us (v.4)

ii. Significance of Adoption (v.5)

iii. HE made us accepted! (v.6)

b. ILLUS -> Widow woman – son’s leg – died $100 million

c. APPLY -> We are sitting on a Gold-mine – God’s blessings

III. The Redemption of Christ (v.7-12)


i. Redemption in blood (v.7)

1. Greek – “Lutro-o”: To release or set free.

ii. Grace in salvation – Forgiveness.

iii. Mystery of His Will (v. 8-10)

b. ILLUS -> Garage door, only child, no one to redeem me!

c. APPLY -> No worries – Christ has stepped up for you.

IV. The Word of Truth (v.13-14)

a. EXPLAIN -> Word of Truth – Seals your Fate

i. Sealed – Finished transaction, security, ownship

b. ILLUS -> Used car – pass note – all avenues – deal sealed

c. APPLY -> The deal is sealed – Christ won the bid!



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