Summary: The blood of Jesus cleanses us from sin.

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Whenever anyone does something wrong God speaks to them through their consciences and convicts them of their sin.

“What have you done?” He has placed in every person a conscience, the divine assessment which reproves us when we act up and commends us when we do what’s right. I

once owned a dog which was sick. I had to give him a pill and he did not like it. He never thanked me for helping him. People are not animals but are made in the image of Almighty God. A man is directed to do what is right even it may cost him something.

When Cain killed his brother Abel God addressed him personally, in a manner in which He doesn’t speak to men today. Cain, like his parents before him, actually heard the voice of God questioning him, “Where is your brother Abel? What have you done?”

Today God speaks to us through the Bible, through sermons preached to us and through our consciences, especially when they are enlightened by the Word of God. That is why we need to be in church and Sunday school and bible Study. That is how God speaks to us, but the same questions which God asked Cain he still asks everyone of us, “Where are the people you’ve hurt? Can you see them in your mind’s eye? Do you often wonder how things are with them? Where are they today? What have you done?” God is holding us accountable for our pasts, and for our actions, and our omissions.

1. GOD seeks to ask us ABOUT WHAT we are Doing WITH our LIVES.

The Lord who knows all things questions us. We have examples in the life of Jesus. On one occasion the Lord Jesus was speaking to a Samaritan woman. He knows all about us. He possesses omniscience. Jesus knew about a man called Nathaniel when he was still in the shade under a distant fig tree. He is the Lord who knows each one of us; everything about our lives is utterly exposed to his look.

“What have you done?” he asks us.

What have you done with the law of God? “You shall have no other gods before me”, what have you done with the command?

“You shall not make an idol and worship it”, what have you done with that?

“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain”, what have you done with your lips and voice concerning God’s holy name?

“Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy”, what have you been doing with your Sundays? Have they been the Lord’s Day or your day?

“Honor your father and your mother”, what have you done to those who cared for you and sustained you for so many years?

“You shall not kill”, what have you done with your lips and heart emotions towards your brothers when they annoy you? Have there been outbursts of anger and hatred?

“You shall not commit adultery”, what have you done with your body and your thought life? Have you practiced purity and faithfulness?

“You shall not steal.” What have you done with your tongue that can cause hurt to others? “You shall not lie”, have you carefully spoken the truth?

“You shall not covet,” are you content with what you have? Have you been thankful for what you have and delighted in the prosperity of another?

What have you done with this one life God has given you? Have you served God, and said no to sin and loved your neighbor as yourself? What are you going to bring before God in the Great Day? What fruits of faith, what victories over temptation, what godly zeal and self-denial, what cross-bearing and suffering for righteousness’ sake? What have you done with your life? What have you done with the gospel? Jesus says, “Come to me,” and what have you done? What have you done? That is what God said to the sinner Cain, and that is what he is saying to you. Let me ask this: “If you miss coming to church on Sunday do you bring what you missed giving in the offering the week before? If you missed coming to church one Sunday do you come the next week wanting to be a double blessing because you are so glad to be back in church? If you missed a Sunday of Church others know it your place was empty. I have read in the bible that when we enter heaven there is going to be a lot praising. We need to practice down here. GOD seeks to ask us ABOUT WHAT we’ve DONE WITH our LIVES.

2. GOD wants to SPEAK TO US ABOUT HIS reaction TO OUR SIN.

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