Summary: This sermon give the background to the book of Philippians by mentioning about Apostle Paul’ calling, missionary journeys and churches he established.

#1, 3-18-07

The Book of Philippians: The Background


1) 2007 Theme: Serve the Lord joyfully

2) If you need encouragement, boast in the Lord. If joy were to leave you, read Philippians.

3) 104 verses offer authentic reasons to be thankful, joyful, and content

4) Source of joy- Christ not circumstances

Background to the book of Philippians

Paul’s calling, missionary journeys, church establishment

I. Paul’s Call to Serve

A. Paul’s first missionary journey

1. The church of Antioch (Acts 13:1)

2. Paul is commissioned by the church (13:1-3)

App. If we seek leading in prayer, the Holy Spirit will direct us in ministry.

App. Paul sent or commissioned by the church.

Show ways of 1st journey.

B. Paul’s second missionary journey

1. Paul returns to previous cities. 15:36-16:5

2. The Holy Spirit leads them to Philippi. 16:6-12

Show ways of 2nd journey.

II. Paul’s Ministry at Philippi (Acts 16: 9-40) A church is created at Philippi.

A. First Encounters

1. A women’s prayer group (16:3)

2. Lydia the first convert (14:15)

B. Demonic Encounter

1. The demon possessed slave girl (16)

2. The harassment (17, 18)

3. Her deliverance (18)

C. The Brutal Attacks and Treatment

1. False accusations (19-21)

2. They were beaten with rods (22, 23)

3. They were thrown in prison (23,24)

D. The Conversion of the jailer

1. Paul and Silas pray and praise

App. What do you do during your dangerous experience?

2. An earthquake shakes the prison (26)

3. The jailor and his household are converted (27-34)

God is calling you to serve Him.

Will you surrender your life to Christ?

Will you become committed to your local church?

Will you seal the decision of the Holy Spirit through your church for your ministry ?

Will you persevere through the difficulties?

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