Summary: Big lessons for us from Numbers.


A. Numbers is the Book of Wanderings

1. It is a book we must read for it speaks a

message to our generation.

2. Be sure your sins will find you out.

3. It is a record of rebellion and disobedience

by God’s chosen people.

B. Why is it called the Book of Numbers?

1. Because of two numberings of the Israelites.

2. The first was on Mt. Sinai and the second on

Mt. Moab 40 years later

C. Key chapters are 13-14 - this is the turning point

1. Israel refuse to go up and conquer the land -

they are filled with fear not faith

2. God judges Israel 14:34 by causing them to

wander 40 years in wilderness,instead of an

11 day journey. Great tragedy we can learn


I. THE OLD GENERATION (1:1 - 10:10)

A. This was the generation that was brought out

of Egypt by God’s Love

1. He now organizes, sanctifies, and

prepares them for their journey

2. God takes care of their outward and

inward conditions.

B. God’s Chosen people today are found in His

Church - Gal.6:16

1. He is leading us as pilgrims through our

wilderness to a better place.

2. We need to be organized and sanctified for

the challenges that lie ahead

3. Working as a team, united in purpose,

priorities and plans.


A. Israel follows God step by step until the Land

of Canaan is in sight

1. Then something tragic and disastrous

happens at Kadesh.

2. They draw back in unbelief, and begin to

complain endlessly.

3. When God’s people start to complain, then

there is unbelief in the camp

B. Chapters 10-12 are a chorus of grumbling

1.We need to read these and ask - Lord, is it I?

2.Do I complain like them sometimes? Phil.2:14

3.Like them, we often forget God’s faithfulness

and goodness.

C. Not all were guilty of these things

1. Joshua and Caleb were great men of Faith and


2. Joshua became Moses successor after he

died - Josh.1

3. Caleb was one of the spies who said they

could easily conquer the land 13:30

D. Here we see the voice of Fear vs. the voice of


1. Fear said No, while Faith said a resounding


2. Fear looked at the Giants, while Faith

looked at God. 13:31-33

E. What about us? What do we see when faced with


1. We need to be like Caleb - A man determined

to hang tough.

2. He had dogged determination that came from

his consistent obedience to God, he was a

man who had a vision of what God could do,

and he was a man who had a dream.

F. How we need to have more Caleb’s in the Church


1. We need to have determined Christians who will

not give up, and bow to the majority who will

not want to go forward by faith. Josh.14:14

2. We need men and women of vision who have the

ability to see above and beyond the majority,

and see things as God sees them. Prov.29:18

3. We need Christians who are not afraid to dream

big dreams for God, and not think small. How

big is your God? Your answer will determine

the size of your dreams! Walk by faith not by

sight, and make your dreams come true!

4. See a united church, evangelizing the lost,

baptizing people into Christ, growing

numerically and spiritually. It CAN happen,

but only if we believe it, and then determine

to make it happen.


A. What happened to the old generation?

1. The answer - 14:29 - the painfully high

cost of rebellion against God.

2. There had to be a new generation with a new

way of thinking.

3. New census, instructions and leader before

God’s people could move forward.

B. Gone were the unbelieving hearts, complaining

spirits, grumbling mouths,and rebellious


1. Replaced by a positive people with

attitude of faith and trust in God.

2. The new generation would learn from the

mistakes of the old generation, and would

press forward to the promised land

3. Heb.3:7-19 The warning is clear - don’t be

like the old generation. Be different!

Listen to God’s Word. Believe,obey,& Trust.

4. Follow the Lord wholeheartedly, not

half heartedly!

5. Will we do that? We have a choice - to

wander around aimlessly or stand still

or to go forward by faith - What will it

be for me-you-us?

6. We must decide which direction to go -

backwards, forwards, or do nothing?

7. Lets all together go God’s way-FORWARD!

and take as many with us as we can along

our journey to the Promised Land.

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