Summary: This sermon emphasizes the uniqueness of Jesus as boy growing in favor with God and man.

Luke 2:43-2:43

Intro. This was not just another child of the Bible. He was Mary’s baby, but He was God’s Son. We use the term God in the flesh. The writer said, after they had performed all things according to the Law of the Lord, they returned to Nazareth (a city in Galilee). Luke do not tell of The family’s flight to Egypt from Bethlehem as recorded by Matthew. But he does not denied it, and his words do not affirm that they went immediately to Nazareth. When they fulfilled all things according to the law; that tells us that they were a religious family. Living according to God’s law: training thier child in the way the Lord wanted Him to go. The scriptures say, "When he is old, it wil not depart from him."

At eight days old, they took him to Jerusalem. They named Him Jesus as the angels had instructed before He was conceived in the womb. They had to attend several feasts:

Festivals at Jerusalem (unleavened bread)

Passover: Memorial meal, imitation of the last meal eaten before their return from Egypt. (Observed as a Sabbath)

Pentecost: Symbolized the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai. A day of reconsecration.

The Feast of the Tabernacles: (Booths) In memory of the period of the people wondering in the wilderness. Rejoicing for the blessings of the previous year.

The Day of Atonement: The High priest would go behind the veil of the temple and sprinkle blood on the mercy seat (sin offering). He would there pray for sins of the people. There are several others which the Jews, the nonbelieving Jews are still holding.

Then the writer tells us that as the child grew in age and stature; he was also strong in spirit and wisdom and that God favored Him because He was please with Him.

He showed extra-ordinary understanding and was wise enough to flee or stay from everything that was sinful or evil. Can’t you see this young child in your community? This child, doing everything right, smart in school, good character, neat and well mannered, went to wonder his brothers and sisters didn’t like Him.

It is remarkable, that this is all which is recorded of the infancy of Jesus and a short account of His going to Jerusalem at the age of twelve. Now, the visit to Jerusalem at the age of twelve was not an ordinary visit like the others. No no, this was special for Jesus. It seems that the intention of Jesus was to give an account of His public ministry and His private life. They say little of him regarding His first years. But what they do say, however; corresponds entirely with what we might expect of Him. He was wise,_pure, and He_pleased God. He was strong in the spirit and knowledge of the law. He set a lovely example for all children. He was subject to His parents. He increaased in favor with both: God and man. At the age of twelve, all male among the Hebrews would go through a ceremony that would make them "sons of the Law." It was a type of confirmation. When he was 13 years old, He became a son of the commandment." Aftewards He was regarded as an adult and was required to appear three times a year before God. This was to attend to the ordinance of religion in the temple at Jerusalem. During this time, Jesus was eligible to go and sit with the elders and doctors of the law. He was there with the other children, and maybe He got carried away. He impressed and beffuddled the teachers of the Law. For the first time, He put His father’s business before His earthly parents. Answering questions as a teacher. As a learner, he had humility to ask wisdom and understanding. They were astonished that He was so young. Mary should have known that HE couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything wrong. He was protected under His Father’s care. He worked at His earthly father’s house under His heavenly Father care. He asked; wist ye not (know you not) you had reason to know. It was told to you from the beggining__what my life would be.

Conclusion: Jesus was reminding them that He came down from heaven to engage in a special work for the Father. Mary should have known that the day would come when she would have to give up this model child. Sometimes mother and fathers don’t want to give up their little angel or that gifted son. Jesus had grown up, a son of the Law (the covenant) at an early age full knowledge and wisdom, moved by the Holy Spirit. He couldn’t hold His peace. Somebody said; He wasn’t what we would call showing off but He was giving them a taste of the Divine wisdom and knowledge. A taste of what was to come. While the other children were playing in the court-yard temple. Jesus was sitting and training the Elders and Doctors. Even though Jesus seemed to enjoy His Father’s business. He was subject to His parents. He went down from Jerusalem with them. Jesus was performing the duty of a faithful and obedient child. Jesus once again set an example for all children to follow. Even though He was the Son of God; He instucted children by example in the things of the Lord. Later as we know, He would engage in the great work of human redemption.

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