Summary: Lessons to be learned from the boy who gave the loaves and fishes


John 6:1-12

Introduction: Only miracle to make it into all 4 Gospels. John is the only one to mention the boy. Not the only story of multiplying loaves – 2Kings 4 – Elisha feeds 150 in Gilgal during a famine with 20 loaves and had leftovers.

I. Least in attendance

A. God often uses the least to show His power

1. Saul – 1Sam 9:21

2. David – 1 Sam 16:11 – Jesse didn’t even bring him out

3. Jesus – Born to poverty with questionable characters in ancestry

B. God looks at the heart

1. Heart is naturally wicked

2. Heart is changed by the Holy Spirit

3. Only God can see it.

C. Application – We are not to small for God to use us.

II. Gave all he had

A. Total of seven – Perfect, complete

B. Trusted Jesus with it

1. Faith of a child

a. ILLUS: “Will you hold my quarter?”

2. Let God do the work through us

3. Rich young ruler

C. Application – We should give our all and trust Jesus with it.

Conclusion: What little do you have that you hang on to? Give everything to Jesus, especially the small things (they add up) and trust Him with it.

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