Summary: A sermon on the story of Joash, the boy who was hidden in the House Of God !

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The Boy Who Was Hidden In The House Of God

2 Kings 11:1-21

This morning I want to share with you a message on the story of Joash. Joash was the infant son of King Ahaziah. He was a heir to the throne, but his life is in great danger.

Notice with me some things about Joash:

I. There Was A Plan To Slay Him. V1

Here’s the scenario, and it is an almost unbelievable one !

a. The Situation

King Ahaziah had been killed. His death was the result of the judgment of God. Ahaziah apparently had several sons that would have been in line to assume the throne, and position as King.

b. The Selfishness.

However before any of them could be crowned, a plan is devised ! The plan was to kill all the heirs to the throne. What is more shocking than the plan is the person who initiated it ! Her name was Athaliah. She was the mother of King Ahaziah ! It was upon hearing that the King, her son, was dead that she devised this diabolical scheme ! She would kill all the heirs to the throne so that she herself might rule the kingdom. She desired to be Queen ! Can you fully understand the selfish ambition of this wicked woman ? She was willing to kill off her grandchildren so that she could have the throne !

c. The Scene.

How exactly she carried out this plan is not revealed. We do not know if she carried it out alone.............but she is sucessful or so it seems ! It is a tragic scene.......unimaginable.........unthinkable ! Young men of royalty with so much promise, and potential ! And now they all lie in a heap dead..........but wait.........among the pile of their bodies.........there is a cry ! There is one that lives. But not for long.........he will most certainly die if Athaliah realizes that he still lives, and that she overlooked him ! He is unable to help himself. He is unable to walk or run away because he is only one years old !

He is the only one of the royal sons left ! Who will rescue the perishing ? Doesn’t anyone care ? Don’t they hear his screams ?

II. There Is A Person To Save Him. V2

The child of the king would have been destroyed. He would never have reached his potential, and his position. He would never have received the promise had it not been for someone who was willing to save him ! Her name was Jehosheba. She was the sister of King Ahaziah. She was the aunt of Joash...........and yes........she was the daughter or stepdaughter of Athaliah, the very woman who sought to destroy the royal seed. Jehosheba was also the wife of the Priest Jehoiada

Let me draw some analogy this morning..........the world is perishing ! Sinners are lost, and dying without Christ. They are unable to save themselves. Who will see their condition ? Who will hear their crys ? Who will respond to their need and bring them to Christ, the one who can save their souls !

We as believers need to be like Jehosheba ! Our church needs to have the kind of heart that she had ! We need to rescue those who are perishing without hope !

a. She was a woman of courage !

She put herself at risk ! Athaliah, as evil as she was, would have not hesitated to kill her as well had she caught her doing what she did ! The church desperately needs some people of courage who are unafraid to get involved !

b. She was a woman of compassion !

She could not bear the thought of seeing this baby destroyed ! She did what she did out of a heart of compassion. Have we not lost our burden for children ?

Where are those who will reach the children ? Who are they who will go forth and rescue the children ?

c. She was a woman of conviction !

It did not matter to Jehosheba who was committing this astrocity ! It was wrong, and something had to be done ! We must be people of conviction !

d. She was a woman of commitment !

She had to be willing to pay the price to get invovled. There would be a cost involved in rescuing Joash. She would not only have to rescue him, but raise him for no one else would do it ! It was worth the cost to her ! To reach people, and see them saved requires a commitment. There is a price to be paid ! We must be in it for the long haul ! Must be willing to make some sacrifices, and go the distance !

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